What happened Esma Cannon?

What happened Esma Cannon?

Retirement and death She died in 1972 at the age of 66 and is buried at Saint-Benoît-la-Forêt in France. Her elusiveness was such that her former colleagues and friends discovered she had died only after a “Where are They Now?” feature appeared in Films and Filming a number of years after her death.

When did Esma Cannon die?

October 18, 1972
Esma Cannon/Date of death

Who was the little old lady in the Carry On films?

Esma Cannon first appearance in a Carry On film came with a delightful cameo as a deaf, dotty old lady in Constable at the tale end of the 1950s.

What ship was used in Carry On Cruising?

S.S. Happy Wanderer
The name of the ocean liner cruiser was the “S.S. Happy Wanderer”. The places that the ship visited before returning home to England were unnamed ports in Spain, Italy and North Africa.

Is Liz Fraser still alive?

Deceased (1930–2018)
Liz Fraser/Living or Deceased

Did Kenneth Connor singing in Carry On Cruising?

Of course, we liked him and would have liked to see him in more Carry On films, but this was his only appearance in the franchise. I want to know if Kenneth Connor used his real singing voice in this scene where he plays guitar and serenades to Dilys Laye. Because, if he did, he was quite good actually!

How old is Liz Fraser?

88 years (1930–2018)
Liz Fraser/Age at death

Where is Liz Fraser buried?

Liz Fraser

Birth 14 Aug 1930 Southwark, London Borough of Southwark, Greater London, England
Death 6 Sep 2018 (aged 88) Chelsea, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Greater London, England
Burial Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend
Memorial ID 192910109 · View Source

Who was the highest paid Carry On star?

Phil Silvers
Phil Silvers was paid £30,000 for his role, making him by far, the highest paid star in the history of the series, which provoked a great deal of animosity among the regular Carry On team.

How tall was Esma Cannon when she died?

Esma Cannon. Esma Ellen Charlotte Littman (née Cannon) (27 December 1905 – 18 October 1972), credited as Esme or Esma Cannon, was a diminutive (4 feet 7 inches (1.40 m)) Australian-born character actress and comedian, who moved to Britain in the early 1930s.

Where was Esma Cannon’s grave located in France?

I read recently that Esma’s grave had been located in a French churchyard and that she had also been married. Apparently this was a surprise to many of her co-stars (me too). Does anybody know how she ended up in France and the cause of her death etc?

What was the name of Esma Cannon’s husband?

Her husband (Ernst Otto Littman, born in Germany in 1904) outlived her by over a decade. He died in London, England in September 1983. Daughter of Michael John Cannon (born in Australia in 1871, died 1937) and Lavinia Grace Margaret Ward (born in Australia, died in London, England on 27 August 1961), who married on 14 November 1895.

When did Esma Cannon leave the acting profession?

For whatever reason, she decided to travel to Britain in the early 1930s, slowly building up a list of acting credits and achieving notable success up until the early 1960s when she decided to leave the acting profession. And that’s almost all we know about her. Esma was most certainly married and apparently had children, or at least a son.

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