What does it mean when a drug test says dilute?

What does it mean when a drug test says dilute?

A dilute specimen is a urine sample that has higher water content than the average specimen, which minimizes the drug levels visible in the urine. Sometimes dilution is intentional, but it can happen accidentally as well.

When someone is diluted what is the outcome?

Dilution occurs when someone consumes an excessive amount of fluid (2-4 quarts) over a short period of time (90 minutes). Dilution significantly lowers the concentration of detectable drugs and alcohol in urine and also reduces urine creatinine levels.

Are Drug Test results instant?

Most employers and background screenings will accept a rapid urine drug test. Unlike a lab based urine drug test that take a few days to process, a urinalysis from one of our locations provides instant results.

Can you pass a drug test with hand sanitizer?

Alcohol in hand sanitizer (from heavy use), certain liquid medications, and mouthwash or other breath cleaning products could cause you to test positive for drinking alcohol.

What is considered a dilute drug test result?

Less than 20 mg/dl is considered dilute, less the 2 mg/dL is considered not human urine. First and foremost if you receive a drug test result report from your Medical Review Officer (MRO) that says Positive – Dilute; this is a positive drug test and a violation of your drug testing policy.

Why do people try to dilute their urine?

It is widely known that some donors try to dilute their urine because they consumed drugs and are trying to flush out their system. This practice will result in a dilute drug test result. What can be done? A dilute drug test result can still be used.

Can You retest a negative dilute drug test?

An employer can require that anyone who has a negative dilute drug test be retested. The employer can specify that the donor retest via another urine drug test or can choose another testing method that may be harder to cheat.

How can you prevent dilution when drug testing?

For this reason, an employer should not consider a negative diluted drug test result grounds for rejecting a job applicant or firing an employee. Instead, they should schedule a second drug test and do their best to prevent dilution the second time around. How Can You Prevent Dilution When Drug Testing?

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