What is the conjugate acid for CH3NH2?

What is the conjugate acid for CH3NH2?

The conjugate acid of ch3nh2 is ch3nh3+.

What is conjugate base of HClO2?

conjugate base. HClO2(aq) + H2O ⇌ H3O+(aq) + ClO2.

What is CH3NH2 conjugate base?

The conjugate base of the methylammonium ion is CH3NH2 , methylamine.

Is CH3NH2 a conjugate acid or base?

Methylamine is a Bronsted base, as it can accept a proton from water.

What is the conjugate acid of s2?

Question: 1. The formula for the conjugate acid of s2- is 2.

Is CH3NH3 a strong conjugate acid?

CH3NH3^ + – CH3NH2 is a conjugate acid base pair.

Can Oh be a conjugate acid?

So if we have to find a conjugate acid for a given base , then we just have to add a H+ (hydrogen ion) to the given base. So, when we add a ‘H+’ to OH- , it becomes H2O and both the opposite charges on H+ and OH- neutralise each other. Hence the conjugate acid for OH- is H20.

What is the conjugate acid of OH group of answer choices?

Answer: O2–(aq) + H2O(l) → OH–(aq) + OH–(aq). OH– is the conjugate acid of the base O2–. OH– is also the conjugate base of the acid H2O. conjugate pairs in each equation.

Is CH3NH2 a weak acid?

CH3NH2 is a weak base (Kb = 5.0 × 10–4) and so the salt, CH3NH3NO3, acts as a weak acid.

What is conjugate acid of (CH3)2NH?

But (CH3)2NH also has a conjugate base (CH3)2N-, making it also a Bronsted-Lowry acid! However, it takes a very strong base such as NaH or a Grignard reagent (one of form RMgX where R is hydrocarbon group and X is a halogen) to force (CH3)2NH to give up a proton and form (CH3)2N-.

What is formula of conjugate acid of NH3?

NH3 + H+ = NH4+. and NH3 is the conjugate base, NH4+ the conjugate acid. However, in aprotic solvents (e.g. tetrahydrofuran) NH3 can be an acid. NH3 + B → NH2- + HB. Now, NH3 is the conjugate acid, NH2- is the conjugate base.

Is ch3ch3 an acid, base or other?

Ch3ch3 Is An Acid Salt Or Base Hydrochloric acid, a colourless liquid remedy mostly made of hydrogen chloride and drinking water, is usually regarded for a caustic mineral acid. It is largely used for industrial uses by welding agents and circuit board manufacturers.

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