Where does matron of honor stand?

Where does matron of honor stand?

The maid of honor usually stands closest to the bride and holds the bride’s bouquet. If one of your besties is a matron of honor, you can ask her to stand in the second spot.

Who Walks First the maid or matron of honor?

Usually, the ‘maids walk down first, followed by the MOH with the bride last. If you’re just having one maid or matron of honor, it’s a simple line-up. But with two MOHs, you have a little more flexibility. For example, you can have the maid and matron walk down together with each other and/or the best man.

Does the maid of Honor wear a different dress?

There are three ways you can put the maid of honor in a “different” dress. She can wear the same style in a different color. She can wear the same color in a different style. She can wear a completely different, but compatible gown.

Does the maid of honor dress have to be different?

Her dress doesn’t have to be completely different from the bridesmaids’ to stand out. An alternate neckline is a simple way to give her more recognition. Make like this maid of honor, whose dramatic off-the-shoulder gown stood out from the rest of the womens’ high-necked garments.

What is the role of a matron of Honour in a wedding?

The matron of honor, or the maid of honor, is somebody who will not only help you with preparations for the wedding, but who will stand by you for every little or major need on the wedding day. She will ensure that everything takes place as planned and discussed, and also that the bride takes no stress and just relaxes on her wedding day!

What is a matron of Honour?

matron of honor The definition of a matron of honor is a woman, often an older or married woman, who is chosen by the bride at a wedding to stand up for the bride and to be an assistant in the planning and carrying out of the wedding.

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