Where in Exeter was the ww2 bomb?

Where in Exeter was the ww2 bomb?

Glenthorne Road
More than 2,600 households and University of Exeter halls of residence were evacuated after the device was found on Glenthorne Road on Friday.

Where was Exeter bomb found?

University of Exeter campus
The device, believed to be a 1,000kg “Hermann” bomb, was discovered on a building site on private land to the west of the University of Exeter campus on Friday. Initially, a 100m (328ft) cordon was put in place, but this was extended to 400m (1,312ft) on Saturday at the request of the Royal Navy bomb disposal team.

Where did they bomb in World War 2?

The Blitz, (September 7, 1940–May 11, 1941), intense bombing campaign undertaken by Nazi Germany against the United Kingdom during World War II. For eight months the Luftwaffe dropped bombs on London and other strategic cities across Britain.

Why did they bomb Exeter?

Exeter was bombed on the 3-4 May 1942. It was one of a number of cities targeted by Hitler in revenge for Air Marshal Harris’ bombing campaign against German cities in 1942. These raids targeted major tourist towns chosen from a Baedeker travel guide and are known as the Baedeker raids.

Did Exeter get bombed in ww2?

The city was heavily attacked by German bombers in 19 raids during World War Two, which saw more than 7,000 devices dropped, particularly in May 1942 during the Baedecker Raids. Follow BBC News South West on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Send your story ideas to [email protected].

How many bombs were dropped on Exeter in ww2?

There were 166 high explosive bombs, three parachute mines and around 5,000 incendiaries (TNA HO 192/868). The number of people killed was 164 and 476 were injured. Many of those tasked with saving the city from destruction were themselves victims.

What is a Exeter bomb?

The Exeter bomb was a “rare” one, said the Army. Damage caused to homes when a World War Two bomb was destroyed in a controlled explosion was “not possible to prevent”, the Army has said. Detonation of the 2,200lb (1,000kg) German bomb in Exeter on Saturday sent shrapnel flying into nearby homes.

Is Exeter a good retirement place?

Exeter is generally regarded as a great place to live. Located in the rural county of Devon, Exeter offers a little of everything: miles of gorgeous coastline, rolling hills, farmland and countryside all around — but it’s still a thriving city with plenty to do.

Who bombed who first in WW2?

On the night of 7/8 June 1940 a single French Navy Farman F. 223 aircraft bombed Berlin, the first Allied attack on the capital. Despite the British attacks on German cities, the Luftwaffe did not begin to attack military and economic targets in the UK until six weeks after the campaign in France was concluded.

Which city was most destroyed in WW2?

The punishing, three-day Allied bombing attack on Dresden from February 13 to 15 in the final months of World War II became among the most controversial Allied actions of the war. The 800-bomber raid dropped some 2,700 tons of explosives and incendiaries and decimated the German city.

Did Exeter get bombed in WW2?

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