Is Ayaz Ahmed and Priyanka Purohit still together?

Is Ayaz Ahmed and Priyanka Purohit still together?

Family, Caste & Boyfriend Priyanka met Ayaz Ahmed on the dating reality show “Splitsvilla 7.” The duo started dating each other during the show and took their relationship forward, post the show. After dating for some time, the duo realized their differences and later, decided to amicably part ways.

What happened to Priyanka Purohit?

In an exclusive chat with TellyChakkar, Priyanka shared the reason for her exit from the show. She shared, “I was thoroughly enjoying being a part of the show but had to take the decision of quitting as my mom is suffering from an illness.

Is Priyanka Purohit in splitsvilla?

Priyanka Purohit (born 7 October 1991) is an Indian television actress known for participating in Splitsvilla 7 and portraying Poorva Deshmukh in Krishnadasi….

Priyanka Purohit
Years active 2014—present
Known for Splitsvilla 7 Krishnadasi

Where is Priyanka Purohit from?

Mumbai, India
Priyanka Purohit/Place of birth

How old is Ayaz Ahmed?

34 years (September 24, 1986)
Ayaz Ahmed/Age

Who is Ayaz Ahmed GF?

Ayaz Ahmed Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & More

Favourite Actresses Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt
Girls, Affairs and More
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Girlfriends Merisha Toi Katarzhina

What is the age of chhavi Pandey?

27 years (July 18, 1994)
Chhavi Pandey/Age

Who was the first queen of splitsvilla 7?

This week remained in the name of the first queen of this season, Khushi Bat and the battle for the first king will begin this Saturday.

Where is chhavi Pandey from?

Patna, India
Chhavi Pandey/Place of birth

Who is the husband of Chhavi Mittal?

Mohit Hussein
Chhavi Mittal/Husband

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