Which chocolate companies use fair trade?

Which chocolate companies use fair trade?

Your easy guide to buying chocolate free from forced, child and trafficked labour.

  • Alter Eco (Fairtrade Certified)
  • Republica Coffee- Drinking chocolate (Fairtrade Certified)
  • Absolute Organics (Fairtrade Certified)
  • Aldi – Just Organic (Fairtrade Certified)
  • Cadbury (Fairtrade Certified)
  • Which chocolate companies are not fair trade?

    NB:all research by the Ethical Company Organisation is a reflection of the activities of the Company Group. So for example, although all of Green & Black’s chocolate (within the UK) is certified as Fairtrade, the majority of Mondelēz’s chocolate (the company group behind Green and Black’s) is not Fairtrade.

    Which chocolate companies are ethical?

    Top 10 ethical British chocolates

    • 1 Green & Blacks. Inarguably the biggest and most famous British ethical chocolatier, Green & Blacks’ sheer scale means you could argue it’s the most ethical too.
    • 2 Malagasy.
    • 3 Divine.
    • 4 Booja-Booja.
    • 5 Chocolala.
    • 6 Montezuma’s.
    • 7 Duchy Originals.
    • 8 Organica.

    Is Hershey’s chocolate fair trade?

    We source exclusively from cocoa suppliers certified by organizations such as Fairtrade USA, and Rainforest Alliance. It ensures we’re only working with farmer groups empowered with the resources, administrative systems, and local infrastructures necessary to meet the high standards of certification.

    Is Dairy Milk Fairtrade?

    It has been seven years since Cadbury Dairy Milk became Fairtrade certified in the UK. At a stroke, 350 million chocolate bars a year were certified, bringing the Fairtrade Mark into every corner shop in the country.

    What is the most ethical chocolate company?

    Divine Chocolate. Divine Chocolate is one of the only certified Fair Trade chocolate companies worldwide that is co-owned by cocoa farmers.

    Is Lindt an ethical brand?

    Food Safety Standards. We comply with Lindt & Sprüngli quality and food safety standards on an ongoing basis.

    Is Hershey’s Fair Trade Certified 2020?

    Cocoa Certification As of January 2020, we are proud to have achieved 100% certified and sustainable cocoa. Hershey sources cocoa through two of the world’s most recognized cocoa certifying organizations: Fair Trade USA and Rainforest Alliance (UTZ).

    What companies are involved in fair trade?

    3p Weekend: 10 Food Companies Going Fair Trade Marks and Spencer. Marks & Spencer launched its Plan A policy back in 2007. Kashi. Earlier this year, Kellogg subsidiary Kashi – known best for cereals and snack bars – made waves for its choice to establish a transitional organic label. Honest Tea. Ben & Jerry’s. Keurig Green Mountain. Starbucks. Whole Foods. Chick-fil-A. Safeway. Nutiva.

    Why is it important to buy fair trade chocolate?

    Fairtrade helps to make cocoa farming in places like Ivory Coast and Ghana more sustainable by guaranteeing minimum prices and providing a Fairtrade Premium to invest in local communities, so farmers can provide a better future for themselves and their families. Every time you choose Fairtrade chocolate, you are supporting farmers and their communities.

    Is fair trade chocolate really fair?

    There are too many chocolates that are not fair trade to list. Its really fantastic that you now wish to consume only “fairly traded” chocolate, however just because the chocolate company is fair trade certified , the chocolate is not necessarily so.

    What are some names of the fair trade companies?

    and even go a step beyond that by sourcing exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural

  • Little Red Cup Tea Company.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs.
  • Firepot Nomadic Teas.
  • Arbor Teas.
  • Clipper Teas.
  • Level Ground.
  • Paromi Tea.
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