What does the triple burner meridian do?

What does the triple burner meridian do?

Also known as the triple burner or san jiao, the triple warmer meridian is unique in that it is not energetically tied to a specific organ in the body. In fact, this meridian helps to regulate all the organs and energy in the body.

What is the function of the triple warmer?

Triple Warmer is the meridian that controls our fight, flight, or freeze response. According to Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, the triple warmer impacts the immune system and our ability to manage stress. When it is activated, the body is on high alert.

What is the triple burner in Chinese medicine?

San Jiao (triple burner, or triple energizer) is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. It is the sixth organ of Fu, which is the hollow space inside the trunk (equivalent in western medicine) of our body.

What is triple Energizer?

The Sanjiao or Triple Energizer is a fascinating concept peculiar to Chinese medicine, demonstrating the fundamental holistic concept of the physiological body. The word Sanjiao means ‘three chambers’ or ‘three spaces’. To understand the Sanjiao one needs to reconsider the circulation of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids.

What causes a meridian to be out of balance?

Disease, pain, and emotional disharmony occur when the meridian system is out of balance. Typically, a single meridian may have too much or not enough energy flow which thereby affects all 12 meridians. The causes of meridian imbalances are numerous: physical injury, dietary excesses, emotional stress, etc.

Where is the triple burner?

The “three burning spaces” or the “Triple Burner” refers to the division of the torso into upper, middle, and lower. The Upper Burner” corresponds to the area between the solar plexus and clavicle. Its function is respiration and its main organs are the lungs and heart-pericardium.

Which is the Triple Burner for life energy?

The Triple Warmer Meridian. Three Burners, for Life Energy Transformation. The Triple Warmer Meridian (also known as Sanjiao/Triple Burner/Heater/Energizer) is a yang meridian and is paired with the Pericardium Meridian.

Is the Triple Burner an organ or a membrane?

The triple burner is not a physical organ, but can be seen as a matrix of connective tissue, or membranes that envelop every organ, muscle and bone, and that communicate via crystalline liquids and play a role in keeping open the flow of Qi, and communication between organs.

What does Triple Burner mean in Chinese medicine?

Triple Burner: an Organ with Name but not Form or Shape The organ systems of Chinese medicine do not always correspond with physical organs, and even when they do the functions attributed to the organ in the Chinese understanding go beyond what we are able to discover about a physical organ.

Where is the meridian of the Triple Burner?

The Triple Burner Meridian Source Point is TB-4, Yangchi , meaning Yang Pool. It is located on the back of the wrist on the horizontal crease, between the radius and the ulna bones, closer to the ulna (outer bone). By moving the wrist in a relaxed way, the space becomes well defined.

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