What skills should I put on my acting resume?

What skills should I put on my acting resume?

List your special skills such as juggling, acrobatics, pantomime, dance, stage combat, ability to speak foreign languages, any instruments that you play, if you can drive a stick shift, dialects and the like.

How do I put my logo on my resume?

Placing your logo at the upper right and your name at the left side isn’t a bad idea as well. It’s natural for us to look at the left since we usually start reading at the left side. Employers will automatically start reading your name then look at your logo at the right. Observe this design by The Resume Boutique.

Is it okay to put company logos on resume?

Some companies tightly control their logo use, and using it on a resume could be interpreted as mis-use since it’s not at the company’s request or to the company’s benefit. Finally, the look of multiple logos on a resume/CV will probably make your information look more like an ad than you should desire.

Should you use icons in resume?

When used in moderation, resume icons can be a great addition to your resume. However, when used too frequently, they can become a distraction. It’s generally best to err on the side of caution and use them in moderation. You may want to, for example, only use them at the beginning of the main sections.

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