What happened to the Coconut Grove?

What happened to the Coconut Grove?

On November 28, 1942, a quick and deadly fire ripped through the Cocoanut Grove nightclub, killing 492 people, and becoming, in minutes, the worst nightclub fire in American history. The club was a fire trap.

Where was the Coconut Grove nightclub?

Cocoanut Grove fire/Location

The Cocoanut Grove was a restaurant/supper club (nightclubs did not officially exist in Boston), built in 1927 and located at 17 Piedmont Street, near Park Square, in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

What caused the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire?

An initial Boston Fire Department report written the day after the tragedy said the fire was “evidently” caused by a “young employee” who lit a match and accidentally ignited a fake palm tree. From that day on, blame would most often fall on the shoulders of Stanley Tomaszewski, then a 16-year-old bus boy.

When was the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston Massachusetts?

November 28, 1942
The deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, the Cocoanut Grove nightclub burned on November 28, 1942, killing 492 people.

Does Coconut Grove still exist?

Coconut Grove, also known colloquially as The Grove, is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States….

Coconut Grove
State Florida
County Miami-Dade County
City Miami
Settled 1825

Is Coconut Grove a nice area?

Coconut Grove is one of Miami’s safest places to live. The area enjoys 24/7 police control and has one of Miami’s lowest crime rates. Besides offering many gated or walled homes, the Grove also offers a good amount of (waterfront) gated communities for those seeking the highest form of protection for the family.

What changed after the Cocoanut Grove fire?

Safety lessons learned from Cocoanut Grove Regulations for emergency exit doors were changed to ensure that all exit doors swing outward. Illuminated exit signage and emergency lighting was required. Another important change involved revolving doors.

Where is the Coconut Grove in LA?

3400 Wilshire Boulevard
Photo via Los Angeles Public Library by Gary Leonard (2004). The Ambassador Hotel and Cocoanut Grove were formerly located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard and is now the location of the RFK Community Schools.

Is Coconut Grove a bad area?

Is Coconut Grove a bad neighborhood?

Where was the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston located?

Cocoanut Grove fire. The Cocoanut Grove Fire was a nightclub fire in the United States. The Cocoanut Grove was a premier nightclub during the post-Prohibition 1930s and 1940s in Boston, Massachusetts.

Why was the Cocoanut Grove in Boston on fire?

An official report revealed that the Cocoanut Grove had been inspected by a captain in the Boston Fire Department just ten days before the fire and declared safe. Further, it was found that the Grove had not obtained any licenses for operation for several years; there were no food handlers’ permits and no liquor licenses.

What was the main entrance to the Cocoanut Grove?

The dining room also had a retractable roof for use during warm weather to allow a view of the moon and stars. The main entrance to the Cocoanut Grove was via a revolving door on the Piedmont Street side of the building. On Saturday, November 28, 1942, the powerful Boston College (BC) football team had played Holy Cross College (HC) at Fenway Park.

Who was the maitre d of the Cocoanut Grove?

Angelo Lippi, the maitre d’ of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub, poses in the main dining room sometime before the devastating fire. (Courtesy of National Fire Protection Association) Saturday, November 28, 1942, at the U.S. Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts, had been, for the most part, a relatively uneventful day.

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