How many calendars can you overlay in SharePoint 2013?

How many calendars can you overlay in SharePoint 2013?

10 calendars
SharePoint calendar overlay limit is 10 calendars per view.

Can you overlay calendars in SharePoint?

Overlay a SharePoint calendar on another SharePoint calendar In a SharePoint calendar, choose the Calendar tab and then select Calendar Overlay. In the Calendar Overlay Settings page, choose New Calendar.

How do I get more colors in SharePoint calendar overlay?

Overlay a Sharepoint calendar on another Sharepoint calendar

  1. In the Calendar Overlay Settings section, type a Description for the calendar (optional) and change the color theme for the calendar (optional).
  2. Select the view, which you want to use from the List View options.

What is a SharePoint event list?

The SharePoint List event initiation allows for the template merge to triggered via an event that takes place on a SharePoint list that the template is associated to. For this specific option, “SharePoint List Event”, to be an available choice in the initiator list, the template needs to be associated to a SharePoint List.

What’s a calendar overlay?

Calendar overlay is a cool feature in SharePoint that lets you to layer the contents of multiple calendars into a single easy-to-read, color-coded calendar view. Use it when you are managing more than one calendar in your SharePoint environment but want to create a consolidated view of all events across these calendars.

Where to change the color name of overlay calendars?

Go to Leave Plans calendar (as this is the holder of the festival calendar overlay)

  • Click on Ribbon >> click on CALENDAR >> Calendars Overlay.
  • The calendar overlay settings page will open.
  • Click on the overlay that you want to change the settings for.
  • you can change the color or any other settings of the calendar overlay and click OK.
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