Should I cover my Napoleon BBQ?

Should I cover my Napoleon BBQ?

Our Napoleon Product Expert recommends that you cover, especially when expecting heavy rain and snow, or other inclement weather. Further, it is best to perform a weekly wipe down with a damp cloth, followed by a thorough drying. This removes any salty residue and ensures a long life for your grill.

Do Outdoor BBQ need to be covered?

An outdoor kitchen should be covered and protected against the elements, particularly if it’s an open-air kitchen. Although the materials used to build outdoor kitchens are somewhat weatherproof, they will degrade over time if left to face adverse weather conditions, cold, or moisture.

What material is used for BBQ covers?

There are three main categories of material used to make modern grill covers. These are polyester, vinyl, and canvas. Polyester – Polyester grill covers are widely available and inexpensive. They provide good basic protection against wind, water, and sun, but aren’t the sturdiest or most durable.

What is the standard size grill cover?

BBQ Cover Sizing Chart

BBQ Grill Size Chart
Cart 36″L x 26″D x 46″H 36″ Grill
Cart 45″L x 24″D x 40″H 45″ Grill
Cart 56″L x 25″D x 46″H 56″ Grill Black
Cart 67″L x 26″D x 48″H 67″ Grill Black

Can you put a BBQ cover on a hot BBQ?

I would not recommend covering a grill while it is still hot because most grill covers are not flame retardant and could spontaneously combust – burst into flames! Also, your grill cover is most likely not heat-resistant and could MELT, destroying the usability of both the grill and the cover.

What is the best material for BBQ covers?


  • VINYL – Vinyl grill covers are waterproof and are reliable for outdoor use especially when the rainy season comes.
  • POLYESTER – This is the common type and the consumers’ favorite among all the other materials.
  • CANVAS – This material is often opted as an alternative of polyester covers.

Can I use a tarp as a grill cover?

Pick a size and material. An economy tarp will get the job done, but a heavy-duty poly tarp will last longer and offer more protection as a barbecue cover. Secure as tightly as possible. Just draping the tarp over the grill won’t work.

What are the different types of Gardman products?

Gardman has a huge selection of products to meet all of your gardening needs. Garden décor, planters and baskets, arches and trellises, greenhouses, and wild bird care are only a few of the categories in the Gardman line. Make your yard and garden the envy of the neighborhood with quality Gardman products.

Which is the best fabric for barbecue covers?

The fabric is available in either black or green and is more aesthetically pleasing in the garden than the entry level covers, whilst still being strong in construction, each cover has fully water proof taped seams to ensure the covers are as watertight as possible, with excellent resistance to all types of weather.

What kind of protection does a garland cover?

They are super strong in construction, with excellent resistance to all types of weather and the seams are all fully welded making them a 100% water tight. The fabric is virtually untearable and offers full UV protection against the sun for longer life, full weather protection as well as protection from bird droppings, tree sap and pollution.

What kind of material are Garland furniture covers made of?

This is our entry level range of furniture covers; these Super Tough covers come with a full 5 year quality guarantee** and are all made from cross laminated polyethylene grade material. They are super strong in construction, with excellent resistance to all types of weather and the seams are all fully welded making them a 100% water tight.

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