How to open a SecureLine safe?

How to open a SecureLine safe?

TO OPEN (figure A) Enter code (the factory code is set as 1 2 3 4 5 6). Two beeps will be heard and a green light will flash. Turn the D ring handle and open the safe. If the safe is not opened within 3 seconds please repeat.

What is the default code for safes?

Most hotels will set their own master code when the safes are installed but, unfortunately, there are some who don’t bother or forget or didn’t know they needed to do that, so end up staying with the default code which is usually something really simple like 9999, or 000000, or 1111.

How to change code on SecureLine safe?

Changing the 1st access code

  1. Press button: * * 1. The LCD display will show. “-PROG-” and “-CODE-”.
  2. Enter now your personal 6-digit code. The LCD. display will show “-GOOD-”, when the new. code is stored correctly.
  3. DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR YET!; test the new.

How to activate Avast SecureLine VPN?

To activate Avast SecureLine VPN using an activation code:

  1. Click Go in the menu bar, select Applications, then double-click the Avast SecureLine VPN icon to open the application.
  2. Go to ☰ Menu ▸ Subscription.
  3. Select Enter an activation code.

What does E Bar mean on a safe?

When “LO-BATT” appears, the safe is indicating that the batteries are low and it is time to change them. When “E-BAR” appears, the safe indiciating that the door is not closed properly or there could be something preventing the bolts from locking.

How do I reset my digital electronic safe code?

Place the electronic digital safe into code reset mode. On some models you need to hold the last digit of the code or press the “*” button to get into code reset mode. Other safes require you to open them and press a small red button on the inside of the door.

What does E code mean on hotel safe?

Lockout Penalty. When the safe is in the locked position “E-CODE” or “E-CARD” will appear after an invalid entry. If the incorrect code or card is entered 4 consecutive times (“E-CODE” or “E-CARD” will appear after every incorrect entry), the safe will go into a lock out period of 15 minutes.

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