How long is the Seahawks season ticket waiting list?

How long is the Seahawks season ticket waiting list?

Four teams have had the benefit of not seeing any blackouts at all since 1972 (excluding playoff games, which are not covered under season ticket purchases)….Waiting lists.

Team Seattle Seahawks
Year waiting list was started 2012
Approx. number of names on waiting list 68,000[24]
Approx. wait time 30 years
Personal Seat License Yes

Can you transfer Seahawks season tickets?

Seat Transfer Policy Visit the Charter Marketplace for more information. Club Seats: Season ticket accounts in club seating areas are non-transferable. General Seating: Season ticket accounts in general seating areas are non-transferable.

Do Seahawks games sell out?

Season tickets are sold out, but we encourage you to sign up for our Blue Pride Notification List to lock in your spot for the future.

How much do Seahawks field seats cost?

How Much Are 2019 Seahawks Tickets. Face Value for single game tickets are available for many game. Prices start at $165 for 300-level seating, $22 In the 200 level, $210 for 100-level seating.

How expensive are Seahawks tickets?

Average ticket price for Seattle Seahawks home games from 2006 to 2020 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Average ticket price in U.S. dollars
2020 117.86
2019 111.79
2018 96.36
2016 88.2

Do NFL season tickets include playoffs?

You will receive new Playoff Season Ticket Cards in the mail for each seat you have. Your Regular Season Ticket Cards will not be valid for any playoff games.

Do Seahawks allow fans?

Report: NFL to allow fans at preseason games, training camp Most camps will open July 31. This bodes well for full capacity at Lumen Field for the regular season, as well. The Seahawks played all eight of their home games without fans during the 2020 season and only played two games in front of spectators all season.

How much do Seahawks tickets cost 2021?

Seattle Seahawks Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 Lumen Field $317
2020 Lumen Field $367
2019 Lumen Field $277
2018 Lumen Field $250

How many seats are in the Seahawks Stadium?

Lumen Field/Capacity

Do season tickets include away games?

In some sports, season ticket holders are usually allowed to buy tickets for other home games (such the playoffs) earlier than other fans, and may be given priority when buying tickets for their team’s allocation at an away game. Seats assigned to season tickets are generally the better ones in their seating section.

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