What GMAT score do I need for UGA?

What GMAT score do I need for UGA?

500 GMAT
III. * UGA’s graduate school requires at least a 500 GMAT for admission, and the J.M. Tull School of Accounting strongly recommends at least a 550 GMAT for admission to the MAcc program.

Is UGA MBA good?

University of Georgia (Terry) is ranked No. 39 (tie) in Best Business Schools and No. 46 (tie) in Part-time MBA. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

How long is UGA MBA program?

20-23 months
Through the Georgia Professional MBA, earn your MBA in 20-23 months part-time through evening or Saturday classes and online learning. With classes held in Atlanta at the Terry Executive Education Center, you will build meaningful relationships with individuals from a vast array of backgrounds and experiences.

How do you get into UGA business school?

A grade in ACCT 2101 must be posted to the applicant’s UGA academic record. Students must have completed or be enrolled in BUSN 3000 (formerly MSIT 3000). Students are required to submit ACT or SAT scores and sub-scores to the University prior to being considered for admission to a major in the Terry College.

What is GMAT score range?

200 to 800
Score Range: Total GMAT Scores range from 200 to 800. Two-thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600.

What is UGA known for?

The University of Georgia has renowned graduate programs in its College of Education and Law School. As both a land and sea grant university, UGA is active in research and promotion of agricultural and sea-based programs.

What is the acceptance rate for Terry College of Business?

Terry got significantly more selective this year by accepting 45.09% of applicants with an average SAT score of 1314. Employment wise, Terry students perform relatively well in the job market.

How hard is it to get into Terry Uga?

Students with ACT/SAT scores in the 80th percentile and above are more competitive applicants. The ETS Proficiency Profile is scored from 400-500. A score of 480 or above is considered competitive among applicants.

Is UGA accounting hard?

The material isn’t impossible, but it is difficult. Doing the readings and homework will give you a decent idea of what you’re doing, but the tests are written for you to fail, with confusing questions and every wrong answer offered (multiple choice tests) being something you’ll get if you make a common mistake.

What is the best MBA program in Georgia?

In other words, every year an estimated 7,300 general managers graduate from Georgia’s 79 MBA schools. Emory University, which was ranked 14th nationwide in 2010, is the top-ranked school in Georgia that has a MBA program.

Which exams are required for MBA admissions?


  • GMAT
  • MAT
  • Does UGA have a nursing program?

    Does UGA have a nursing program? No, the University of Georgia does not have a nursing program. In fact, students who intend to pursue a career in nursing may be better off transferring to another school that offers a degree in nursing.

    When to apply for MBA?

    The ideal window for most elite U.S. programs is to apply when you have three full years of work experience and you would matriculate with four to five years behind you. That means you would enter the MBA program between the ages of 26 and 28.

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