Does Dalyan have a beach?

Does Dalyan have a beach?

There are many beautiful beaches in Dalyan, especially the famous Iztuzu beach. You can enjoy a variety of water sports activities on the beaches in Dalyan or enjoy the sun. Located in Dalyan, Iztuzu Beach, Aşı Bay, Ekincik Bay, offers perfect sea and nature for the traveler.

How do I get to iztuzu Beach?

In the center of Dalyan, a quaint riverside village, there is an inexpensive public boat at the dock that will take you to Iztuzu Beach. It is an interesting ride; you will pass by the ancient tombs carved into the mountainside and proceed to this lovely clean beach with clear water as you dip into the Mediterranean.

Where to see turtles in turkey?

Iztuzu, Turkey Izutu Beach in Dalyan, Turkey, has been successfully turned into a conservation area, protecting it from development. Also known as ‘Turtle Beach’, is the perfect place to spot the local loggerhead turtles, especially during the breeding season in spring.

Where is Turtle beach in Turkey?

Iztuzu Beach, more commonly known as Turtle Beach, lies 13 kilometres from the traditional Turkish village of Dalyan, between the popular vacations spots at Fethiye and Marmaris, Mugla Province.

How far is Dalyan from the beach?

80 kilometers to the southeast of the most popular beach town of Turkey, Marmaris, Dalyan is considered a natural wonder where the lake unites with the sea. The town has a variety of beautiful lakes, canals, and beaches that fascinate every visitor.

How long is iztuzu Beach?

4.5 km long
İztuzu Beach is a 4.5 km long beach near Dalyan, in the Ortaca district of the Province of Muğla in southwestern Turkey. The beach is a narrow spit of land, which forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of the Dalyan river and the Mediterranean.

What time of year do turtles hatch?

Sea turtles hatch throughout the year but mostly in summer. Hatchlings use a carbuncle (temporary egg tooth) to help break open the shell. After hatching, the young turtles may take 3 to 7 days to dig their way to the surface. Hatchlings usually wait until night to emerge from the nest.

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