What does PMEL do?

What does PMEL do?

The PMEL is responsible for calibrating radiowave frequencies and every machine in every phase of testing and maintenance. Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory specialists ensure that every piece of equipment used by the Air Force is in precise working order.

What is PMEL in the Air Force?

Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Mission: To improve and sustain precision measurement processes that ensure traceable, accurate, reliable and safe air and space systems performance. PMEL maintains certification to conduct calibrations through the Air Force Metrology & Calibration (AFMETCAL) Program.

How long is PMEL tech school?

PMEL training in the 335th Training Squadron is a 963-hour course teaching calibration in electronics, physical, dimensional, optical, chemical or mechanical.

What bases can PMEL go to?

PMEL services 255 work centers, including the Air National Guard at Reno, Nevada, Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento and Beale AFB, California, said Master Sgt. Don Svabek, 60th MXS test measurement diagnostic equipment assistant flight chief.

What does precision measurement equipment laboratory ( PMEL ) do?

Performs and manages repair, calibration, and modification of test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE), Also, precision measurement equipment laboratory (PMEL) standards and automatic test equipment.

What’s the difference between a PMEL and a metrologist?

This practice is also known as metrology: the science of measurement. Metrology is defined as the science of weights & measures, while a PMEL is the place where technicians perform all of the metrology for the U.S. Air Force.

What kind of knowledge is required for a PMEL?

Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical, mechanical, physics, optics, and thermal principles, mathematics, and number systems. Being about to understand operating principles, use, care, and repair of TMDE and laboratory standards is critical work required of the PMEL.

What can you do with an Air Force PMEL?

With a high marketability, the PMEL that is a Military trained calibration technician will be able to find high paying work. Many people retire from the Air Force PMEL and become civilian contractors doing the same job for more money and retirement benefits.Nearly every military base has a PMEL.

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