What generation is Intel 2013?

What generation is Intel 2013?

4th generation i7
Intel’s 4th generation i7 came out in 2013 and still finds uses in everything from laptops to gaming machines to workstations.

What was the best CPU in 2013?

CPUs for Gaming & Streaming – Black Friday & Cyber Monday, 2013

Purpose Name
Mid-Range OCing CPU AMD FX-8350 Overclocking CPU
High-End Gaming CPU Intel i5-4670K Quad-Core 3.4GHz
Game Streaming & Video Production Intel i7-4770K Hyperthreaded CPU
Professional Production & Development CPU Intel i7-4930K Ivy Bridge-E 6-Core

Are Intel 11th Gen coming out?

Intel’s 11th-gen desktop CPUs are known as Rocket Lake, and launched in March 2021. They’re currently going head-to-head with AMD Ryzen 5000 series, but will soon be updated with 12th-gen Alder Lake. This next-gen Intel silicon is expected to include both laptop and desktop CPUs.

When was i3 10th GEN released?

10th Generation Intel Core i3 Processors

Product Name Status Launch Date
Intel® Core™ i3-1000G4 Processor Launched Q3’19
Intel® Core™ i3-10320 Processor Launched Q2’20
Intel® Core™ i3-10300 Processor Launched Q2’20
Intel® Core™ i3-10300T Processor Launched Q2’20

When did 4th Gen Intel come out?

The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, formerly code-named “Haswell”, will be introduced June 4 at Computex in Taiwan. Intel’s new family of processors will usher in a host of striking new designs with incredible performance and extraordinarily long battery life.

Is AMD better than 11th Gen?

There’s no debate when you compare Intel vs AMD CPU overclocking. Intel offers the most overclocking headroom, meaning you can gain more performance over the baseline speed with Intel chips than you can with AMD’s Ryzen processors.

Is Intel i3 11th generation good?

The 11th Gen Intel Core i3 1115G4 when it comes to real-world performance is between 10th Gen Intel Core i3 1005G1 and 1035G1. It is a great CPU for your day-to-day tasks essential tasks such as Browsing, Streaming, Videoconferencing, and using office productivity workloads such as excel and PowerPoint.

How fast is Intel i3 10th Gen?

Specifications of the Intel Core i3-1005G1

Processor Name Intel Core i3-1005G1
CPU Family 10th Generation Intel Core “Ice Lake”
Number of Cores Dual-core / 2 computing threads per core
CPU Clock Speed 1.2 GHz – 3.4 GHz
Cache Size 4MB

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