How do you calculate wire EDM time?

How do you calculate wire EDM time?

To calculate the time, take the periphery of the part, one time around, divided by the A.L.F. (Average Linear Feed Rate) value shown for the last pass of the cut you will be taking. The resulting value will give you the machining time. For example, if you are cutting 1.5” steel using .

How fast does wire EDM cut?

Wire Types When using standard 0.010″ O brass wire you can expect a consistent, reliable wire EDM cutting speed of approximately eighteen to twenty inch}/hour. Unfortunately, the EDM process creates minute chips and debris that can adversely affect the reliability of this transport system.

How do you calculate cutting time?

At constant cutting speed, a CNC lathe automatically applies the correct rpm based on the following formulas for inch and metric systems: rpm = 12 × sfm ÷ (π × cutting diameter in inches), rpm = 1,000 × m/min.

How is milling cut time calculated?

Machining Time (Tc)

  1. L (mm): Total table feed length (Length of material (l) + Face mill diameter (DC))
  2. vf (mm/min): Table feed per minute.

How is MRR calculated in wire EDM?

The material removal rate (MRR) will be calculated using equation (2) this equation has been used by Rao et al. (2010). MRR=F×Dw×H (2) Where F is the machine feed rate [mm/min], Dw is wire di- ameter [mm] and H is piecework thickness [mm] and MRR is material removal rate [mm3 /min].

What is the formula for depth of cut?

Explanation: Depth of cut is equal to half the diameter of the drill used. So if d is the diameter of drill then its formula must be equal to d/2.. 10. If s2=feed per revolution, s1=feed per minute, n=rpm.

Which of the following component of the wire EDM machine does not get heated?

Explanation: As the electrode wire does not get heated during machining, the problems with electrode wear are not an issue like in the case of die-sink ED machining and it is possible to use wire cut EDM also for materials with high melting ranges.

How accurate is Wire EDM?

Accuracy and Tolerances Wire EDM is extremely accurate. Many machines move in increments of 40 millionths of an inch (. 00004″) (. 001 mm), some in 10 millionths of an inch (.

How is cycle time estimating for wire EDM?

Depending on the age and power supply / control on your machine, times will vary considerably. experience will tell you how much. This is everything. When I first got into wire edm, I sacrificed a weekend and just ran test cuts. I had aluminum, titanium, steel and carbide.

How to calculate rate per hour on wire cut work?

Every time the tech does the work in half the time they make double. A $62 per hour shop rate becomes $ 124 per hour. If the tech Makes $15.00 per hour on flat rate a 20 hour job pays $300.00. If the tech did the work in 10 hours his pay was 30.00 per hour.

How much does EDM wire cost per pound?

Sold by the pound, EDM Wire costs between $4 a pound for brass to $12 $14 a pound for premium Wires. The chart above gives an example of Wire consumption that can be used to calculate costs.

How does wire EDM cut achieve high spark frequency?

The Wire EDM cut uses high (peak) current pulses with short On-Times and relatively short Off-Times times. The result is that extremely high spark frequency is achieved. Since deionized water is used as a dielectric instead of oil (which is a true insulator) there is much less concern over Delay-Time (during ionization).

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