What is the style of the palette of King Narmer?

What is the style of the palette of King Narmer?

The Narmer Palette is a 63-centimetre-tall (2.07 ft), shield-shaped, ceremonial palette, carved from a single piece of flat, soft dark gray-green siltstone. The stone has often been wrongly identified, in the past, as being slate or schist.

How does the Narmer Palette identify the king?

The earliest representation of them worn by the same ruler is on the Narmer Palette, signifying that the king was ruling over both areas of the country. Soon after the unification, the fifth ruler of the First Dynasty is shown wearing the two crowns simultaneously, combined into one.

Why is the Narmer Palette so important?

The palette is carved of a single piece of siltstone, commonly used for ceremonial tablets in the First Dynastic Period of Egypt. The Narmer Palette is intricately carved to tell the story of King Narmer’s victory in battle and the approval of the gods at the unification of Egypt.

How is Anubis god of funerals and embalming always pictured?

Anubis was painted black to further link him with the deceased – a body that has been embalmed became a pitch black color. Black was also the color of fertility, and thus linked to death and rebirth in the afterlife. Anubis was also seen as the deity of embalming, as well as a god of the dead.

Where is Hierakonpolis?


Alternative name Hierakonpolis (Greek)
Location Aswan Governorate, Egypt
Coordinates 25°5′50″N 32°46′46″E
Material Possibly, oldest painted Ancient Egyptian tomb

Who was first pharaoh?

Many scholars believe the first pharaoh was Narmer, also called Menes. Though there is some debate among experts, many believe he was the first ruler to unite upper and lower Egypt (this is why pharaohs hold the title of “lord of two lands”).

Are wooden paint palettes good?

Wooden palettes were one of the first mixing surfaces used by artists, and they are probably as old as art itself. Wooden palettes are great for mixing oil colors, acrylics, alkyds or any thick-bodied paint. Classy and sturdy, wooden palettes are sure to make any artist feel like a professional!

What was the purpose of the palette of Narmer?

A ceremonial object, ritually buried. The Palette of Narmer was discovered in 1898 by James Quibell and Frederick Green. It was found with a collection of other objects that had been used for ceremonial purposes and then ritually buried within the temple at Hierakonpolis. Temple caches of this type are not uncommon.

How tall is the palette of King Narmer?

Palette of King Narmer. Palette of King Narmer, from Hierakonpolis, Egypt, Predynastic, c. 3000-2920 B.C.E., slate, 2′ 1″ high (Egyptian Museum, Cairo) Some artifacts are of such vital importance to our understanding of ancient cultures that they are truly unique and utterly irreplaceable.

What was the name of the king of Narmer?

Indeed, in the Narmer Palette, he is called King Menes. Many legends use the name Menes, and until now we have many Egyptians, specifically Coptic men, named “Mina” (a version of the name Menes).

What kind of Crown did King Narmer wear?

*The Red Crown of Lower Egypt and the White Crown of Upper Egypt were the earliest crowns worn by the king and are closely connected with the unification of the country that sparks full-blown Egyptian civilization.

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