How do you list language skills on a CV?

How do you list language skills on a CV?

Choose where you will include languages on your resume Your language abilities can be listed under your skills, education or as its own section, depending on the position and the number of languages you speak.

How can I write CV in English?

7 steps to a great English CVState your objective to add focus. Review and edit your history. Decide on your perfect layout. Edit your employment history to focus on achievements. Adjust your English grammar to make things fit. Use action verbs to grab the reader’s attention. Proof-read it and again!

Should you put fluent in English on resume?

Include your skills on your resume. You may want to list your levels of proficiency in each area or you may want to define your proficiency in terms that indicate how useful it will be for the organization. For example, if you can speak, read, write and understand others, you may want to list yourself as fluent.

What are the 3 basic categories of skills?

Research has found there are three basic categories of skills in the world: knowledges, transferable skills and self-management skills.

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