Who made Craftsman snowblowers for Sears?

Who made Craftsman snowblowers for Sears?

Who makes Craftsman snowblowers?? Generally, Murray manufactures throwers for Sears. The model number you gave does not look typical of Sears numbering. Your model should start…

Where is Craftsman snowblower model number?

Snow-blower model numbers are located on the backside of the metal base between the left and right rear-wheels. The 11-character model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label and will begin with the letters “CM”.

Are Craftsman snow blowers made in the USA?

All of these are made in the U.S.A. Toro has a complete line of single, 2-stage and heavy duty 2 stage snow blowers. Most are made in the U.S.A. but some are made in Mexico. A company called MTD makes Craftsman, Cub Cadet, and Troy-Bilt models.

How can I tell what year my snowblower is?

Read the first character of the model number. Look at the second character, which will represent the type of mower or accessory. Read the third character to decode the year your product was manufactured. Write down the digits after the dash and before the letter on the end, if your model has one.

How do you read a Craftsman snowblower serial number?

Stand behind the unit and lean down — you should be able to see the ID tag underneath the handles, in between the two wheels. The model and serial number sticker of a Craftsman snow blower is typically located on the back of the snow blower.

Where can I find Craftsman snow blower parts?

We also have Craftsman 29 inch 90 hp snowblower parts. Enter your Craftsman snow blower model numbers in the search bar and use the exploded parts drawings on our Sears PartsDirect website to easily find the Sears snow thrower parts you need to get your equipment running again.

Where can I get Craftsman snowblower Auger parts?

Trust Sears PartsDirect to have the Craftsman snowblower parts you need to fix the equipment quickly when a failure occurs. We have the Craftsman snowblower auger parts you need to keep the snow moving. We have snowblower parts for Craftsman 24″ snowblower models such as Craftman 88173 parts.

What do shear pins do on Craftsman snowblower?

Shear pins connect the auger sections to the rotating drive shaft. A shear pin is made of soft metal that purposely shears off or breaks to protect the transmission and motor if a foreign object or hard-packed snow binds the auger. The shear pin kit includes multiple shear pins so you’ll have spares to use all winter.

How many years does a craftsman snowblower last?

We have the Craftsman, Ariens, MTD and Toro snowblower parts you need to keep your machine running smoothly. How long do snowblowers last? If you follow the maintenance guidelines in the owner’s manual, your snowblower will typically last 10 to 20 years.

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