Are Washburn acoustics any good?

Are Washburn acoustics any good?

Like any brand, Washburn offers a mix of high-quality and lower-quality guitars. However, even lower-quality instruments tend to get good reviews–most have scalloped bracing, rosewood fretboards, and good-quality electronics that make them stand out when compared to other budget instruments.

Are Washburn guitars good for beginners?

All things considered, the Washburn guitar a great investment. That said, the big tone and abilities can be difficult for a beginner to control. The body has a dreadnought shape and a satin finish. The bridge is rosewood, in line with others in this price range.

Are Alvarez guitars good for beginners?

Alvarez AC65 The Alvarez AC65 is an acoustic guitar suitable for players who want to become classical players, or beginners who wish to have a comfortable and an instrument that is easy to play.

Does Washburn make Oscar Schmidt Guitars?

Body & Neck (9/15) – Oscar Schmidt by Washburn Acoustic Guitar. Body and neck play an important role in enhancing the sound quality and handling of a guitar. The neck of Oscar Schmidt guitar is beautiful with mahogany that allows easy access to frets and comfortable playing.

How much does a Washburn hb15 jazz guitar cost?

Washburn HB15. 4. The Washburn HB-15 is an inexpensive version of the classic hollow-body archtop jazz guitar. While Washburn claims a MSRP of over $500, street price new for an HB-15 with case is around $350, with used models as low as $200.

Where was the Washburn hb15 made in Indonesia?

Made in Indonesia, 20 frets but 15 Verily accessible, floating bridge wood painted black, 1 vol 1 tone BUTTONS pretty but slippery and moderately wide sleeve end, there is room to make compliqus.Par against Accors it is not in any accajou!

Is the neck of a Washburn guitar stiff?

The neck is stiff, the same guitar maintenance agreement by drilling on the handle. It’s solid!

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