Is there a tutorial for Anno 1404?

Is there a tutorial for Anno 1404?

Anno 1404 features a single-player story mode known as the Campaign. Besides introducing characters, it also doubles as a tutorial and introduction to the basics of Anno 1404 game-play. It’s recommended that new players play through the Campaign before trying the scenarios or continuous mode.

How do you fight in Anno 1404?

When you click the attack button, the cursor turns into a sword you use to target an enemy unit or structure with. If the unit is able to attack, they will start the operation.

Is Anno 1404 worth playing?

Anno 1404 in particular is regarded as the highpoint, and is absolutely still worth playing today. Because commerce is complicated, not every game will be available on every store. But Steam only gets Anno 1404’s History Edition, while the Epic Game Store gets both 1404 and 1701.

How do you beat Anno 1800 campaign?

Anno 1800

  1. Make more work clothes and sell them, it gives you decent money in the early game and you have plenty of land to make the clothes.
  2. There is a blueprint mode.
  3. When looking at a building tree, pay attention to production times.
  4. This game is missing a calculator.

How do you buy ships in Anno 1404?

Make sure that Lord Northburgh portrait is no longer in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the ship directly in front of the harbor, Lord Northburgh portrait will popup in the right asking if you want to buy the ship for a small amount of coins.

How do you make a castle in Anno 1404?

Build soliders, direct them to the sea, and they’ll basically turn into a ship. Take that ship to the shores of your enemy and once you arrive, you can build a castle on their shore. Then you can proceed to take over.

Is there war in Anno 1404?

In Anno 1404, war comes often as a necessity. It requires preparation, strategy and precision. It can only be truly started once the patricians are unlocked, enhanced when nobles and emissaries finally dispose their technology. It has to be played on two grounds- soil and sea.

How do you increase income in Anno 1404?

The primary way to make money in Anno 1404 is through the taxation of your populace. The goal is to bring in enough tax revenue that you can pay for all your empire’s costs such as building maintenance and ships and possibly even have a surplus.

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