6 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Email Marketing

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Email Marketing

Social media is the key part of our daily life and marketers cannot ignore it as a means of brand promotion. Via social platforms, one can create virtual connection between a brand and a customer, share content, get feedback, discuss anything virtually, etc.

As a rule, email and social media marketing are considered to be separate. But is there a chance an email marketer sending drip campaigns can gain from social media? Surely. So have a look at 6 ways social media marketing can help skyrocket email marketing.

Let people know about you

One cannot miss a chance to increase brand awareness. Social media is supposed to be the #1 way to find leads for B2C, reach out and build relationships with them, thus, improve brand awareness.

If you are sure that social media marketing doesn’t suit your business, just think of the possibilities you miss. Social networks may be used just as another channel for brand promotion. Thanks to them, your brand name will become more recognizable and accessible. Isn’t that the thing you are aiming at? For instance, a Facebook user scrolls the news feed and hears about you for the first time. So the person decides to visit your brand page in social networks and gets acquainted with the product.

While choosing a social media pick the ones which your target audience use. Think broader, except Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there is a number of social networks which may strike a blow for your brand.

Find prospects

Social media is where you can find individuals for an email drip campaign. You can generate leads in a way of using email finder tool or searching manually. Lead generation tools help you collect email addresses by keywords or extract their contact details right from the website.

But there is a place for a manual search because not all email finder tools perform search on all social networks. On these giant social networks, people prefer to not leave their email addresses for public access. Additionally, according to the recent Facebook updates, email parcing is forbidden. So to get the necessary info, you should go to a personal profile, search for any links and contacts, and only in case this data is available, you will succeed.

Is there any social platform to find leads in an easy way? Well, there are and one of them is LinkedIn, a popular professional social network platform for job searching and headhunting. There, you can connect people from all business fields and with different interests. Just activate an email finder and perform the search.

Get to know the leads better

Before sending drip emails, you need to know how to personalize each email and segment the prospects lists into smaller groups. To really add human touch to emails with the help of personalization, social media can give a helping hand and provide you with all the necessary information. Social networks will give not only the basic data: if you perform an advanced research, you will find lots of the details you might need. All you need is just in one place: activities, hobbies, and daily lives of the leads in your hands. Reading their posts and comments, you will get answers to such questions:

  • What hobbies do they have?
  • What products do prospects buy? For what?
  • What pain points do people have?
  • How can my product help solve their problems?

Knowing all this info helps understand the customers better, improve the content of email drip campaigns, and in such a way you will send only crucial information.

Connect with people

Interaction with the audience is important in all types of marketing. Having a social page, you’re able to speak with customers and therefore understand them better.

All these matters, providing people with useful information, answering their questions, entertaining, helping them, is important both for them and you. That shows that you value customers as people, not as a source of revenue.

You should keep a connection through a follow, comment, “like”, relatable post. This will help design a marketing strategy for an email drip campaign that addresses straight to the point, namely, prospects’ needs.

Get feedback and boost conversions

When people want to complain or boast about something, they turn to social media. Social platforms is a place where they can express their opinions about something. This way the brand gets and tracks feedback, sees the customers’ concerns and recommendations.

On various social networks, you see customer’s comments about the products and services you sell. They write your brand name, talk about you, the new audience comes with a desire to follow you and buy the product. This gives you more data to include in an email. For instance, offers to try a new or fixed stuff, thanks for the feedback, etc.

Some more pieces of advice to make a brand more visible and successful:

  • interact with major influencers;
  • provide top-notch products for promoters;
  • reveal interesting topics for experts and bloggers to share with their followers.

This brings new leads, those leads become followers, followers become customers.

Make sales

Each brand wants to promote and make people buy the stuff the team creates. That’s why it’s necessary to give only relevant information in emails. People should receive information about the offer, product or service, and how it relates to them. What about social networks? It’s possible to spread the information through them. Even people who don’t know your brand can come across the brand social page.

Having prospects emails, put a CTA button in the email copy, make people follow you on the socials, sing up to the website, etc. By reaching out to them with current information, you can not only influence a sales decision but also show customers how your brand is growing to better meet their needs.

To make more, follow specific keywords and hashtags related to the product and industry, make people see and read the posts, share it with friends.

It does work

These days, social media plays a significant role in email marketing. If you need to find emails, both manually and with an email finder tool, one of the resources is social media. If you want to find out customers problems and needs, you need to look through their posts on social networks.

Getting information about the target audience will make your drip campaigns more successful. So regular interaction with existing customers and prospects, answering their questions and getting feedback, likes and dislikes, shares can serve you a great deal in email marketing.

So the conclusion is simple:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to improve email marketing approach;
  • Use social media sources to search for extra information on leads.

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