Best Free Backup Software’s for Windows 7

Best Free Backup Software’s for Windows 7

Are you looking for best Free Backup Softwares for Windows 7 pc? Then you are the right place to find. Here’s top best backup software listed and also will describe everything about it. So let’s move to the Free Backup Softwares.

Best Free Backup Software’s for Windows 7

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a free multi-task software to plan the backup of the files and directories from their original site to another directory or disk. This can be on your computer or on another machine or your network. The backup via FTP is supported in both directions (upload and download).

Cobian Backup exists in two different versions:

The software that mobilizes scarce resources and it can be launched in the background of your system. It checks your backup plan and executes it whenever you want. Cobian Backup is a backup utility, it copies your files and folders (compressed or not) to any destination whatsoever, and creates a safety copy. Cobian Backup supports several methods of compression.

Oops! Backup

Who has never deleted a file by mistake on which one had worked long hours? Transferred the folder that contained the holiday photos? To avoid this, it is mandatory to make backups of the system to restore what was lost.

Oops! Backup is a system backup tool which helps in taking the backup of the data. It proposes a new approach since it stores all the successive changes of files and can return to any of them. The save point is easy to achieve. Collecting the entire system or only some files is possible. The destination directory can be either on computer disk or external hard drive.

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Oops, Backup has an option of Automatic backups for taking backups of the data, and the second allows data to be protected if there is any unforeseen disaster on a machine. It does not only protects from accidentally deleted and corrupted files but also changes to documents you are not convinced with.

Oops! Backup is available free for 30 days, after which one has to acquire the license of a product if want to continue further. Oops! Backup is easy to use and allows flexibility in restoring the saved items. An excellent tool for sighted users!


FBackup is a backup utility free, complete, perfect to help you protect your data. It has a configuration wizard, and it is very well designed. FBackup is not a problem for an inexperienced user. Simply select the files to their destination and save on a local drive, external or network. Advanced users can also directly access settings to the backup Advanced Mode.

One can encrypt the contents of backups, and the compression method allows the creation of archives larger than 2GB. FBackup uses a dedicated system (Volume Shadow Service) for support. You can run backups manually or use the Task Scheduler for a launch date or time.


MailBrowserBackup is a free Backup Software specializes in Internet browsers and email clients. It is very convenient for users to transfer the data on another computer. MailBrowserBackup requires no installation. Launch the program and a window opens with a list of compatible software: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron and Filezilla (FTP client).

Simply check the items for which you want to make a safety backup, then click on “Backup” after specifying the destination directory, the backup begins immediately. For restoration, Just click on “Restore” and choose a backup file. You will receive each file contains the name of the corresponding application and the date of the backup. Backups created by MailBrowserBackup comprises the full configuration of Extensions, Favorites, login and other personal information.

Comodo Backup

Comodo Backup Creates backup copies in remote or local mode. Making a backup copy of data from the system is not only prudent but it is indispensable. Read More ares wizard pin. Comodo BackUp makes backup copies of records housed on a local computer or remote FTP servers.

It duplicates the archives and adds what is missing in it. One can schedule synchronizations and backups. It can also send reports by email. After 30 days, you only need to register to continue and enjoy this free program.

JaBack Backup

JaBack is a free utility that lets you create backups automatically and at regular intervals. JaBack lets you make many actions such as backup, synchronization or deletion records. You can also configure scripts to perform several tasks automatically launch a backup.

It launches Security backups at regular intervals. Records can be stored on your hard disk or sent via FTP or e-mail. It puts your records safe in a compressed file (. ZIP). You can study the success of the backups through an activity log. JaBack even sends an email if it is not processed correctly. JaBack is a utility powerful and comprehensive. Its strong point is its automation, but it remains reasonably complicated to use.

FEBE Backup( Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

FEBE is a backup utility dedicated to Firefox. If you share your life on the Internet between multiple computer stations, this little program lets you to save all the data, which in turn your browser will give you great service. Apart from supporting bookmarks, preferences, passwords and cookies, it is designed to help the themes and extensions of all kinds. You can synchronize all your browsers and access the same features wherever you are.

You can manually add files and folders to your backups for more general use. The integrated planning tool can automate your backups for completely automatic operation. These files are then saved in records dating to help you restore the exact state of your browser to the date of your choice.

Drive Backup

Drive Backup is mainly used for storing the backup Images. It saves the disk information and system service structures as well. It encrypts data which further gets protected; applications and systems are also protected and recover whenever needed. It helps in taking a backup image of an entire hard disk.

Its main features are a differential backup to a sector image to only archive changes, since the last full sector-based image. This saves a considerable amount of backup storage space. To restore the backup, you need one of its differentials and a complete image.


AceBackup creates a backup copy of all data locally on the selected media (hard disk, floppy disk, CD, DVD, zip, jazz, USB, etc.) or even an FTP server. You will enjoy a simple interface and the ability to integrate the program directly into the Widows Explorer.

Data can be stored in a compressed or encrypted; you can restore them in the original or any other folder. To make the work extremely easy, you can create some problems and keep backups automatically.

GFI Backup

Using GFI Backup minimizes the risk of data loss, is like an insurance policy for your most valuable information. It allows you to backup all documents, music, messages of the electron-mail, settings, favorite programs, and more as a repository for backup can serve any storage device, including local and external hard drives, network drive, CD / DVD, portable storage devices, remote FTP servers, etc.

GFI Backup allows backup the settings of many famous software products, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, as well as the windows settings. It uses an algorithm for computing a checksum for each file that is copied. This mechanism allows data integrity during backup. It can restore your data using common ZIP format.

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