The Romance of Gaming

The Romance of Gaming

Many people fall in love with gaming. Others fall in love whilst gaming. Companies such as VamosGG will allow us to embrace the pastime. To stay in control we only have to buy the right equipment and learn how to play the game. This article will explore just why it is that so many people have fallen for gaming in such a big way.


Gamers find their hobby relaxing because games can take them to another world. One that looks very different from the world that we are living in right now. If a game did not do that there would be no escapism to be enjoyed. The talented programmers behind these games never fail to produce the kinds of sophisticated and multi-dimensional graphics that we all desire for realism, whether they relate to a known or fantasy situation. Graphics that just transform monitors into different worlds and then allow us to play interactively inside the different screens, rooms, or forests.

Unlike society, we can choose who our enemy is. We can develop the gaming skills to overcome them, just as we overcome hurdles and challenges in real life. It is satisfying and an achievement to be good at something. We may not have achieved that promotion at work because our arch-rival beat us to it, or scored in terms of our love life, but a computer game can provide both, whether it is streamed to play live or downloaded later to test our prowess.

Meet Like-Minded Individuals

We can meet new friends online. Friends and gaming buddies that we would never have met otherwise. This is probably because they are on the other side of the world. Gaming, though, can bring continents together like no other activity. Those from different cultures and who speak a foreign language all know gaming speak. It is a language in itself. All gamers have a common attribute, too – they all have a competitive streak and desire to conquer and beat each other, albeit virtually, and often just for their amusement. At the same time, they learn new skills that are useful for everyday life. Then, there are those professional gamers who take it very seriously, and who can blame them. There is, after all, only one thing that matters – winning. Winning is not the only thing, it is everything. To a professional gamer, anyway.

An extension to meeting like-minded individuals might be meeting someone locally through gaming that you might not otherwise have had the confidence to meet in a local club. Once you get to know each other through shared gaming experiences who knows what level you both might reach.

Games for Everyone

No matter what your prior interest is, or your gender, there will be a game to suit you. There is just too much of a selection for there not to be something that interests you. A hobby such as fencing can become a sword fight on a computer screen. Alternatively, the driving experience on a racetrack that was part of your birthday present last year can be repeated on a computer screen during a driving simulation. Conversely, a Candy Crush might end up being for real. A virtual pet might give you an idea as to what dog might end up taking you for a walk.

In terms of video games, there is a choice of action games, adventure games, a mixture of both, strategy and puzzle games, role-playing games, simulation games, and sports games or eSports. Just to name some of the categories. The last few offer many possibilities for gamers that can be relatable to what they do in real life or be a fantasy variation. There is even what is known as idle gaming, where there is minimal involvement on the player’s part, where icons are clicked on and rewards are provided for simple objectives. Sometimes simplicity is desired, other times we want a game to be more complex to please us.

Action games will provide the choice of platform games, shooters, characters fighting, and then combined with adventure, have characters just trying to survive within a computer game. By tradition, computer games will assign a certain number of lives to a character, which when used up will signify the end of the game. Survival games take this idea a step further and lots of objects are brought into play that will help to keep the character alive. Planning and thinking ahead will be required in terms of the route taken through levels and what order to pick up objects in. A player will need to think on their feet despite being sat at their computer.

Strategy games can be computer versions of classic board games. Puzzle games might include those involving logic or where a maze is negotiated.

Role-playing games usually feature fantasy medieval situations. An example from the dim and distant past is the Gothic game Dungeons and Dragons.

Simulations have been known to feature virtual pets. Rather like keeping a Tamagotchi pet alive inside an electronic keyring during the 80s. Middle-aged parents will remember that one.

Sports-based fighting games might feature boxing or martial arts. Any excuse to do battle.

So, there is quite a selection of categories here to explore when it comes to finding the game that you will find the most enjoyable or challenging to play. A game that becomes addictive for many is a sure-fire winner for most of us. Addiction is, after all, born out of enjoyment. Then, adding to these choices, gaming brings relaxation and the opportunity for romance. It provides the opportunity for like-minded gamers to meet, at least. That is gamers who share a love for their pastime and anybody else who feels the same.

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