How to become a well-paid rewriter

When it comes to the profession of a rewriter, the most common question is ‘how to learn to rewrite?’

Obviously, there is no proper answer except ‘practice’. The more you practice, the more experienced you become. Of course, most time you will probably get many negative feedbacks, but every kind of criticism is helpful, as it allows you to learn from this experience and improve your writing skills.

The main thing here is not to stop, as facing difficulties may be depressing. Never stop practising, try new spheres, new genres, and one day it will lead you to your success.

Two types of rewriting

Normally two main kinds of rewriting exist. The first type is sentence level changing, which leads to replacing words in a story without changing its structure (it’s also called ‘line editing’). The second type, on the contrary, is about changing … Read more