How far can RS232 transmit?

How far can RS232 transmit?

40-50 feet
The maximum distance you can reliably run RS-232 signals is 40-50 feet. If you have a device more than 50 feet from the processor the solution is to use an ST-COM module.

What is RS232 line driver?

Reliably transmit serial data over long distances. The Line Driver Set 80201 connects RS232 devices over a distance of up to 1200 meters with galvanic isolation.

Is RS-422 TTL?

TTL provides an RS422 output signal level, which will be +5VDC when active (on) regardless of the supply voltage level. RS422 differential outputs provide excellent noise immunity, the ability to use long cable lengths, and fast signal response. The supply voltage on most encoder models is 4.5 – 5.5VDC, or 10 – 30VDC.

What is the maximum baud rate for RS232?

The maximum baud rate defined for example is 20 kbps. With current devices like the 16550A UART, maximum speeds of 1.5 Mbps are allowed. The signal level of the RS232 pins can have two states. A high bit, or mark state is identified by a negative voltage and a low bit or space state uses a positive value.

How is information broken up in the RS232 standard?

The RS232 standard describes a communication method where information is sent bit by bit on a physical channel. The information must be broken up in data words. The length of a data word is variable. On PC’s a length between 5 and 8 bits can be selected.

What is the maximum cable length for RS232?

Texas Instruments has done some practical experiments years ago at different baud rates to test the maximum allowed cable lengths. Keep in mind, that the RS232 standard was originally developed for 20 kbps. By halving the maximum communication speed, the allowed cable length increases a factor ten!

What is the capacitance of the RS-232 port?

The RS-232standard 9600bps port will drive 15 metres of shielded cable. More precisely, an RS-232line driver will operate against a capacitance of up to 2500 picoFarad with low enough skew to allow a 9600bps signal to be recovered. If you select a cable with lower capacitance you can drive further distances.

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