What city is the Cultural Center of Russia?

What city is the Cultural Center of Russia?

The center is operated by Rossotrudnichestvo, an autonomous agency of the Russian Foreign Ministry….Russian Cultural Center.

Российский центр науки и культуры в Вашингтоне
Established December 10, 1999
Location 1825 Phelps Place NW, Washington, D.C.
Coordinates 38.9154°N 77.0485°WCoordinates:38.9154°N 77.0485°W
Owner Government of Russia

What is the political and cultural center of Russia?

What is the political and cultural center of Russia? The political and cultural center of Russia is Moscow. Kaliningrad is such an important city because it is Russia’s only Baltic Port that remains free of ice year round.

What is in a cultural Centre?

A cultural center or cultural centre is an organization, building or complex that promotes culture and arts. Cultural centers can be neighborhood community arts organizations, private facilities, government-sponsored, or activist-run.

What religion is Moscow?

Russian Orthodox Church
While Christianity takes a leading place in the religious life of the city, presided over by the Russian Orthodox Church, there has always been a place for other beliefs.

What is the capital city of Russia?


Today we feature the city of Moscow, the capital, inland port, and largest city of Russia, Moscow is situated on the banks of the Moskva River, which flows for just over 500 km through the East European Plain in central Russia.

What are examples of cultural centers?

Cultural Centers: 50 Examples in Plan and Section

  • Centro Cultural y Ecológico Imagina / TIBÁrquitectos.
  • Centro Cultural Arauco / elton_léniz.
  • Ku.Be House of Culture in Movement / MVRDV + ADEPT.
  • Concrete at Alserkal Avenue / OMA.
  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre / Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

What are the types of cultural center?

Communities, municipalities and universities invest in this enrichment by building performing arts centers, museums, worship centers, heritage centers and libraries.

Is there a Russian Cultural Center in Washington?

/ 38.9154; -77.0485 The Russian Cultural Center ( Russian: Российский центр науки и культуры в Вашингтоне) is a museum and building in Washington, D.C., supporting Russian culture in the United States and preserving its causes and beliefs.

What is the purpose of the Russian Cultural Center?

The purpose of the RCC is to develop and maintain positive relations between the Russian and American people by sponsoring activities in the five areas of Education, The Arts, Commerce, Athletics and Science.

Who is the director of the Russian Cultural Center?

In October 2013, the center’s director, Yury Zaitsev ( Russian: Юрия Зайцева ), was investigated by the FBI for allegedly using the center’s cultural exchange program to recruit young Americans as Russian spies. The FBI interviewed Americans sent by Zaitsev and warned them they were being targeted for recruitment.

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