Do thicker solar covers work better?

Do thicker solar covers work better?

Solar pool covers can be found in 8 mil, 12 mil or 16 mil. In terms of performance, a thinner blanket will allow more heat to pass through to the water, but a thicker blanket will absorb more heat. Thicker blankets are also more durable against UV rays and chemical levels, and punctures or tearing.

Will a tarp keep a pool warm?

When used the right way, a black tarp can help with pool heating. For example, when using the black hose trick, you can lay your black hoses on a black tarp. This can help generate more heat.

When should you put solar cover on pool?

Basically, the best time to use a solar pool cover is anytime you’re not swimming. This will help maintain your water level and keep your pool water to a nice heated swimming temperature. Especially during the nighttime when temperatures are most likely to drop.

What is the best solar blanket for a pool?

Best for Round Pools: Blue Wave 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Pools Courtesy of Walmart. Give your above ground pool a helping hand in retaining heat and preventing evaporation with a round solar pool cover. The Blue Wave 8-mil Solar Blanket is a highly-rated option for round pools between 12 and 33 feet in diameter.

How do I use a solar pool cover?

Solar Cover Installation. If your pool is rectangular, round or oval and you were able to find a cover that is your exact pool size, then the job of installing your solar blanket is pretty easy – simply lay the cover on the pool with the bubble side facing down, and the smooth side facing up.

What is the best inground pool cover?

Top 5 Best Inground Pool Safety Covers You Can Walk On Reviews 1. Pool Safety Cover for a 20 x 40 Pool, Green Mesh 2. Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover 3. Rectangle Safety Pool Cover 16 x 32 4. Rectangle Loop-Loc Safety Pool Cover 20 x 40 5. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover 20 x 40 ft.

What is the best color for a solar cover?

There are many different color solar covers out there, from clear to blue to black and everything in between. But clear and blue tend to be the most sought after.

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