How do I setup my email on Windows 8?

How do I setup my email on Windows 8?

Modifying account settings

  1. In the Mail app, hover the mouse in the lower-right corner to access the Charms bar, then select Settings.
  2. The Settings pane will appear. Select Accounts.
  3. The Accounts pane will appear. Select the account you wish to modify.
  4. The account settings will appear.

How do I open Outlook in Windows 8?

Open Default Programs and select Microsoft Outlook. Click on: “Set this program as default – Use the selected program to open all file types and protocols it can open by default.” Windows 8 includes a simplified full-screen Mail app.

Does Windows 8 come with Outlook?

Outlook is included free as part of Windows RT 8.1, but if you have Windows 8.1, you can buy it at To learn how to get started with Outlook, see Basic tasks in Outlook on the Office website.

How do I fix the Mail app in Windows 8?

What can I do if the Windows 8 Mail app is not working?

  1. Use a different email client.
  2. Install the latest updates.
  3. Update your Windows Store apps.
  4. Sync your licenses.
  5. Run SFC scan.
  6. Change your localization settings.

How do I Configure my email on Windows 8?

To Set Up Email on Windows 8. On your Windows 8 device, open Email, and then click the Settings icon. In the Settings menu, click Accounts. Under Accounts, click Add an account. Under Add an account, click Other account. Click Show more details. Enter your full email address.

How to configure email account in Windows 8?

Set Up Email Account in Windows 8 From the Start screen, click Mail. Select the Settings charm to open the Settings pane. Click Accounts. Click Add an Account. If your email provider appears on the list, click it and then follow the prompts to finish setting up your account. See More….

How do I set up Windows Mail account?

Click the “Settings” icon in the lower left-hand corner, or swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap “Settings.” From the right sidebar go to Accounts > Add Account. The “Choose an account” window will appear. Mail comes ready with all kinds of popular email services.

What is Windows 8 email?

Windows 8 Mail is an alternative to the mail client in Windows Live Essentials, a free productivity suite for download on the stable versions of Windows in use today. Microsoft has not yet released a Windows 8-specific version of Outlook, the fee-based, business-class e-mail client that is part of Office.

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