How much does a Bass Tracker 165 weigh?

How much does a Bass Tracker 165 weigh?


Length 5.11 m 16′ 9”
Max. Person Capacity 6 persons
Max. Person Weight 453.59 kg 1000 lbs.
Max. Person, Motor & Gear Weight 793.79 kg 1750 lbs.
Interior Depth 67.945 cm 26.75”

How much is a Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $16,495 $15,370
Options (Add)
Total Price $16,495 $15,370

What is the biggest bass tracker?

The TRACKER® PRO TEAM™ 195 TXW is our biggest, fastest Mod V—designed to give you maximum performance and optimized fishability on a massive fishing platform. The bow deck layout was conceived and designed by tournament pros, with dual 8′ rod boxes and an incredibly spacious center tackle organizer.

How much weight can a bass tracker hold?

This dresses the boat out at an approximate wet weight of 993 pounds, with a package weight of 1,757 pounds, allowing 1,050 pounds maximum weight capacity and maximum four-person weight of 560 pounds.

How fast is a Tracker Pro 175?

35.2 mph
We hit a top speed of 35.2 mph (30.6 knots) at 5900 rpm.

How fast is a Tracker 195 with a 150?

With a 150-hp 4-stroke outboard, the Pro Team 195 TXW ran 57.9 mph.

How fast is a Tracker Pro 170?

Motor Options

25 ELPT FourStroke 24-25 mph Select Dealer
40 ELPT FourStroke 27-32 mph Select Dealer
50 ELPT FourStroke 30-35 mph Select Dealer
Mercury® Jet

What kind of boat is bass tracker 165?

Contact Seller 2012 Bass Tracker Pro Team 165,2012 BASS TRACKER PRO TEAM, 40 MERCURY FOUR STROKE, 20 HRSYou are viewing a 2012 Bass Tracker Pro Team 165 edition bassboat. This boat is inExcellent condition, and shows to have been very wellmaintained. Boat has been garage kept.

How big is a 2013 bass Tracker Pro team 165?

2013 Bass Tracker PRO TEAM 165 This boat is in Great shape and ready to go with many added extras and updates. Comes with a new Trailer with updated 13 inch wheels with Radial Tiers. New Hummingbird Fish finder with wide angle scanning and GPS for marking your favorite fishing spots and saving them for later reference.

Is the 2000 Tracker Pro team 165 a good boat?

2000 Tracker Pro Team 165 The Tracker Pro Team 165 allows boaters to get a durable and reliable fishing boat while maintaining the budget.

How much does a bass Tracker Pro boat cost?

Boat and trailer tow great on the road.Pictures are current $12500, 7863016030 Be sure: Get a boat history report|Finance this boat|Get an insurance quote|

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