What is the difference between Auntie and Tita?

What is the difference between Auntie and Tita?

The word “tita” means “aunt” or “auntie” in English. Assuming you’re from America who has a Filipino friend who keeps calling older women tita, that’s very normal. We call middle aged women that are close to our families as tita. Tita means Aunt in English.

What language is Tita for aunt?

Borrowed from Spanish tita, diminutive of tía (“aunt”), from Late Latin thia, from Ancient Greek θεία (theía).

Is Tita capitalized?

The word “aunt” can be capitalized depending on how it is used in a sentence or title. In a title, “aunt” is capitalized. When used generically in a sentence such as: “my aunt said to visit her,” then the word “aunt” is lowercase because it is a generic noun.

What does Tita mean Filipino?

one’s aunt
Screengrab from Momzillas movie trailer | © Star Cinema. Before, the definition of a ‘tita’ simply referred to one’s aunt – either on one’s mother’s or father’s side of the family. In the Philippine context, the definition was also extended to include female friends, co-workers, or colleagues of one’s parents.

What is English of Lolo?

masculine noun/feminine noun (Chile) teen (informal) ⧫ boy/girl ⧫ teenager.

What is the English of Tito and Tita?

Members of the family

Relation English equivalent
Lalaki Babae Male
tiyo, tiyong, tsong, tito tiya, tiyang, tsang, tita uncle
pamangkíng lalaki pamangkíng babae nephew
kamag-anak relatives

Why do Filipinos call each other Auntie?

Auntie, or Tita Tita is also used to show respect to people outside of the family. I do this myself. I address my mom’s coworkers and friends as tita, like “Tita Fhil”. Another example would be when my friend comes over to my house and addresses my mom as tita.

Is aunty or auntie?

Well, actually, ‘aunty’ and ‘auntie’ are just informal versions of the word ‘aunt’, and so both are okay to use.

What does Chika mean in Filipino?

to talk about something
Chika is a Cebuano word which means “to talk about something” Chika-an served Cebuano families for decades and has built a tradition of delicious Filipino dishes.

What does Gigil mean in Filipino?

A Tagalog word describes how many feel in the presence of overwhelming cuteness – but ‘gigil’ is a term largely unknown outside of the Philippines. M. Maybe it’s an adorable baby that causes it. Or a puppy taking her master for a walk down the street. Or a cat video that you just can’t help but share with your friends.

What do you call an aunt in the Philippines?

My aunt laughed. The male equivalent is tiyo. Another Filipino word for ‘auntie’ is Tita. The Constitution of the Philippines states that the nation has two official languages — these are called English and Filipino. Tagalog is the basis of the Filipino language.

Who are the Tita people in the Philippines?

Got it! In a country where there are close family ties, reunions and gatherings are inevitable all year round in the Philippines. In some cases, there are also Filipino families who live together with their distant relatives such as their grandparents, uncles, and aunts – known as ‘ tita’ in Filipino.

Where does the word Tita come from in Tagalog?

Tita… Aunt in Tagalog? This word is from the Spanish language, in which it means “aunt.” Tita ko. My auntie. Tita ko siya. She’s my auntie. In recent years, clerks in Filipino American stores in the United States have taken to addressing older female customers with this Spanish-derived word Tita.

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