Is Useppa Island open to the public?

Is Useppa Island open to the public?

Both Useppa Island and Cabbage Key are accessible only by boat, seaplane, or swimming (joke!). One way is to catch a boat that leaves routinely from a marina on nearby Pine Island. Water taxis are located at Pineland Marina and can be contacted at 239-633-8142.

Does Useppa Island have a beach?

Taking a day trip to the park is a fun way to explore more of this hidden oasis. The 2,426 acre park has nine miles of pristine beach and is known as a Gulf Cost paradise. There are many activities to be had at the park from swimming in the beautiful water to taking a hike in the nature trails.

Is Useppa Island Private?

Useppa Island is a 100 acre bridgeless private island club located within the waterways of Pine Island Sound. Our island is the premier destination for Floridian boaters, seasonal out of state residents and international travelers. The island’s history is vast and begins thousands of years ago with the Calusa Indians.

Can I stay on Useppa Island?

Whether you’re visiting for only a night, or planning a family vacation, we’ll assist you in arranging the most comfortable accommodations to suit your needs. Our members see Useppa Island as their island escape. We remain open year-round, making our paradise constantly available to our members at a moment’s notice.

Where is Little Gasparilla Island?

southwest Florida
Little Gasparilla Island is a barrier island in southwest Florida, in Charlotte County. It is just north of Gasparilla Island, separated by Gasparilla Pass. It lies west of the town of Placida, separated by Placida Harbor. It is connected with Don Pedro Island to the north by a thin strip of beach and mangrove swamp.

How do you access Useppa Island?

The island is accessible only by boat or seaplane—and has golf carts instead of automobiles. The ferry runs daily on a precise schedule, leaving five times a day from Bokeelia and docking at the Useppa Island Club Marina, and returning to Bokeelia five times a day.

Who developed Useppa Island?

Chicago businessman John Roach built a hotel on Useppa Island in 1896. Barron Collier bought the island in 1911, and developed the resort, enlarging the hotel and adding tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course. Collier made the island his official residence, from which he directed his real estate empire.

Are there stores on Useppa Island?

The Proper Island Store! Joseffa’s Store began as a simple source for emergency boat-snacks and drinks. Today, it has evolved into a proper boutique, stocking high-end designer island-active-wear, kids-wear, jewelry, hats, towels, and various other items which display proudly the Useppa Island Club logo.

How do I access Useppa Island?

Do people live on Gasparilla Island?

Little Gasparilla Island has no bridge, stores, or paved roads, which keeps the beaches private and uncrowded. But island living is isolated and may not be for everyone.

Are there alligators on Little Gasparilla Island?

As a matter of fact, Gasparilla Island features a large, wildlife friendly state park. Raccoons, opossums, bats, rats, mice, squirrels, snakes, osprey, skunks, iguanas, alligators, armadillos, and even feral hogs are all found on the island.

Why is it called Cabbage Key?

Named for the abundance of cabbage palms, the Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant and surrounding buildings were built by mystery writer Mary Roberts Rinehart and her son in 1938. The main focal point is the Inn and restaurant which sits high on a Calusa Indian mound. Boaters arrive throughout the day to enjoy casual dining.

Where is Useppa Island in Pine Island Sound?

Useppa Island is a 100 acre bridgeless private island club located within the waterways of Pine Island Sound. Our island is the premier destination for Floridian boaters, seasonal out of state residents and international travelers.

When did Useppa Island become an exclusive destination?

In the late 1800’s, business magnates, industry leaders, fishing enthusiasts and renowned travelers frequented the island and began the island’s metamorphosis into what it is today. An exclusive, luxurious, Old Florida destination for those who have a desire for private security and solitude upon a true Florida island.

Which is the best place to stay on Useppa Island?

Useppa Island members and their families will experience island life at its best when you book a vacation stay at any of our magnificent suites, cottages, or single family homes. All of our accommodations offer in-room amenities and services that are found in the finest inns. Access to Useppa Island Club is not limited only to property owners.

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