What shotguns are in bo1?

What shotguns are in bo1?

Black Ops – Weapons List – Shotguns

  • OLYMPIA. Click here for more stats, pictures and information on the OLYMPIA »
  • STAKEOUT. Click here for more stats, pictures and information on the STAKEOUT »
  • SPAS-12. Click here for more stats, pictures and information on the SPAS-12 »
  • HS10.

What is the Olympia shotgun?

The Olympia is a high damage per pellet shotgun, rivalling the Stakeout. The Olympia fires eight pellets per shot. At any range short of ten meters, the Olympia will deal forty damage per pellet, requiring three pellets to kill an enemy.

What is the model 680 in real life?

2 Model 680 is the Remington 870 MCS In the beginning, it was vastly outshined by other shotguns like the 725. However, an update back in March added Dragon’s Breath rounds alongside slugs that made the gun far more viable. The pump shotgun is actually based on the Remington 870 MCS.

Is over under better than side by side?

Barrels of a side-by sit higher up while the stacked nature of an over/under positions them deeper into the stock. The O/U’s first barrel recoil is low in the shoulder and produces less barrel flip than a side-by. Second shots can be more accurate, which is why clay target competitions are won by over/under shooters.

Is the Olympia shotgun real?

The OLYMPIA is a 100% REAL Shotgun.

What kind of guns do you use in CODM?

CODM Guns (NOT UPDATED FOR SEASON 9 YET) Arctic .50 DL Q33 Locus M21 EBR Outlaw XPR-50. Shotguns. BY15 HS0405 HS2126 KRM-262 Striker. Pistols. MW11 J358. AK-47. Basic Stats. Consistent, pretty easy to use, a potential go to weapon. The best AR at longer ranges and reliable at close to midrange. The fast firerate allows for

What are the different weapons in cod black ops?

The game features a variety of different multiplayer weapons that are highly customizable. Red Dot Sights, for example, can have custom shaped reticules in different colors. You can also engrave your clan tag onto your weapon and include different emblems.

Which is the fastest killing gun in CODM?

Aim for the body and let headshots happen naturally. If you can hit 1 headshot from 0-29m this weapon is insane. But even if you can’t, it has a very competitive TTK, And is the fastest killing AR from 27-35m. The slower firerate requires your aim to be on point to make the most of this weapon.

How to make the best gunsmith in cod?

Master the Gunsmith and perfect your class setup by browsing every Blueprint variant and Attachment for any weapon. Select an Attachment to see the detailed stats and effects that it has on your weapon. Build the ultimate loadout, both cosmetically and statistically, from the comfort of your phone or PC.

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