How is Fallot pronounced?

How is Fallot pronounced?

Tetralogy of Fallot (pronounced te-tral-uh-jee of Fal-oh) is a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart.

What is Tet spell?

Tet spells Sometimes, babies who have tetralogy of Fallot will suddenly develop deep blue skin, nails and lips after crying or feeding, or when agitated. These episodes are called tet spells. Tet spells are caused by a rapid drop in the amount of oxygen in the blood.

What is the nickname for tetralogy of Fallot?

Tetralogy of Fallot
Other names Fallot’s syndrome, Fallot’s tetrad, Steno-Fallot tetralogy
Diagram of a healthy heart and one with tetralogy of Fallot
Specialty Cardiac surgery, pediatrics
Symptoms Episodes of bluish color to the skin, difficulty breathing, heart murmur, finger clubbing

Where do you hear tetralogy of Fallot?

Auscultation detects a harsh grade 3 to 5/6 systolic ejection murmur at the left mid and upper sternal border (see table Heart Murmur Intensity ). The murmur in tetralogy is due to the pulmonic stenosis ; the ventricular septal defect is usually silent because it is large and has no pressure gradient.

Is Tetralogy of Fallot life threatening?

Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is a congenital heart defect that can be fatal if it’s left untreated. It’s also known as “tet.” The “tetra” in the name of the condition comes from the four problems associated with it. The condition is named after Dr.

What does the word tetralogy mean?

1 : a series of four connected works (such as operas or novels) 2 : a group of four dramatic pieces presented consecutively on the Attic stage at the Dionysiac festival.

Is tetralogy of Fallot hereditary?

For the majority of individuals with tetralogy of Fallot, there has been no identified genetic cause. Some individuals may have other birth defects and/or health issues, in addition to TOF, that may be part of a genetic syndrome.

What does it mean when a baby has tetralogy of Fallot?

The muscular wall of the lower right chamber of the heart (right ventricle) is thicker than normal. This also is called ventricular hypertrophy. Because a baby with tetralogy of Fallot may need surgery or other procedures soon after birth, this birth defect is considered a critical congenital heart defect. Congenital means present at birth.

How are sound waves used to diagnose Fallot?

Sound waves bounce off the heart and produce moving images that can be viewed on a video screen. This test is generally used to diagnose tetralogy of Fallot.

How are CT and CTA used in tetralogy of Fallot?

CT/CTA. MDCT is useful in demonstrating the complex cardiovascular morphology of tetralogy of Fallot, especially the anatomy of the pulmonary and coronary arteries as well as identification of major aortopulmonary collateral vessels (MAPCAs) . MDCT can be used to evaluate post-surgical changes (e.g. patency of palliative shunts) and complications.

Where does the aorta go in a tetralogy of Fallot?

Normally the aorta — the main artery leading out to the body — branches off the left ventricle. In tetralogy of Fallot, the aorta is shifted slightly to the right and lies directly above the ventricular septal defect.

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