How is TPO installed?

How is TPO installed?

The TPO membrane can be attached to the cover board with a bonding adhesive or mechanically fastened. When the membrane is rolled out, the contractor then returns and uses a hot-air gun to hot air weld the seams together.

How much does it cost to replace a TPO roof?

Generally speaking, TPO roofing will cost between $3.00 and $5.00 per square foot to install. This is slightly more expensive than what you’ll find with a tar and gravel roof option, but can be a bit more cost effective than the normal prices seen with the installation of a PVC roofing system.

How much does a roll of TPO cost?


Material Quantity Unit Price
GenFlex 60 mil TPO (10′ x 100′) 2 rolls $562.50
GenFlex Peel & Stick Flashing (12″ x 25′) 1 roll $178.87
GenFlex Peel & Stick Cover Tape (6″ x 100′) 3 rolls $257.75
GenFlex Peel & Stick TPO Pipe Boot (1″-6″) 2 pcs. $33.44

Does TPO need underlayment?

Unlike EPDM, most TPO roofing membranes are white. TPO roofs can resist UV rays by reflecting the light off its surface. This makes TPO ideal for buildings that need an effective insulation system. TPO underlayment is relatively easier to install.

What is fully adhered TPO?

Fully Adhered Roof System Fully Adhered roof systems have been installed since the mid 1960’s. Once the insulation has been thoroughly fastened down, the roofing membrane is rolled out. Then, the bonding adhesive (or glue) is applied to both the rigid insulation and the membrane.

Is a TPO roof good?

TPO is very good at resisting dirt build-up, punctures, and tears as well. The use of TPO on your roof can mean lower cooling costs due to UV resistance. While TPO is energy efficient, it is also made from environmentally friendly products. So, TPO can actually help to lower carbon emissions.

Is TPO a vapor barrier?

Whether considering a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) single-ply roofing membrane, for a 60-mil thickness you are probably looking at about 0.05 perm (0.10 max). Classified as vapor impermeable, this layer functions as a vapor retarder.

What kind of TPO system does Firestone use?

The Firestone UltraPly™ TPO InvisiWeld™ System is a high-performance, non-penetrating TPO membrane fastening system. Mechanically attached, it provides high wind uplift ratings and offers simplified installation that reduces labor and material costs.

How long does it take to install Firestone TPO membrane?

Fill all voids greater than ¼”. Fasten in accordance with specific system requirements. Starting at the high point of the roof, position membrane and allow to relax for approximately 30 minutes. Position membrane so seams do not impede water flow to drains.

When did the Firestone Ultraply TPO come out?

UltraPly TPO is suitable for flat and low slope commercial and industrial roofing applications. Firestone Building Products entered the waterproofing industry in 1980.

How does Firestone Ultraply TPO XR roofing system work?

Firestone UltraPly™ TPO XR combines the durability of a single-ply membrane with the external backing of eight-ounce, non-woven polyester to provide an additional internal and external reinforcement for remarkable puncture resistance. LEARN MORE

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