What is program residence at Fanshawe College?

What is program residence at Fanshawe College?

Fanshawe Residence is your home away from home. Choose between traditional apartment-style or townhouse-style accommodations complete with a private bedroom, oversized double bed, light housekeeping services, social activities and so much more.

How do I find out my Fanshawe student number?

If you don’t know your student number, but would like to find out, please call the Office of the Registrar at 519-452-4277. This information is not released through email and is only released to the student/applicant due to the Freedom of Information Policy.

What is the best residence at Fanshawe?

Top 10 Dorms at Fanshawe College

  • Falcon House. One of the oldest buildings on campus, Falcon is still relatively new, while also bringing the quaint college charm to the table, as well.
  • Merlin House.
  • Peregrine House.
  • Kestrel Court.
  • Patann Drive.
  • Briarhill.
  • Second Street.
  • Hartlet Street.

How do I pay my Fanshawe residence?

Payment options

  1. Online: go to WebAdvisor Make a Payment Process (Visa or MasterCard are accepted.
  2. At your bank: fees can be paid through all major Financial Institutions using online or telephone banking.
  3. If you are having difficulties with paying online or at your bank, please phone us at 519-452-4277.

How do I apply for Fanshawe residence?

In order to apply to Residence, you must first receive an offer of admission from Fanshawe College. The Office of the Registrar will send out their offers by email and regular mail starting February 1 (for the September start). You will need to confirm your offer of admission through Ontario Colleges.

How much does Fanshawe College Cost?

Domestic tuition 3,633.9 CAD, International tuition 17,250 CAD (2011 – 12)
Fanshawe College/Undergraduate tuition and fees

What is a passing grade at Fanshawe College?

Letter Grade System

Grade Range Comment
D 50-54 Marginal
F 0-49 Unsatisfactory
P greater than 50 Pass*
I n/a Incomplete

What is a traditional residence?

Think of traditional residence rooms as individual rooms in which you share a bathroom with either a bathroommate (in cases of single room residents), your roommate and bathroommate (in cases of double room residents), or with your “floor” (in cases of DeCew residents).

What happens if I pay my tuition late?

If tuition is not paid by the due date, classes will be dropped or if you are a financial aid recipient and your tuition has not been paid in full by the due date, your account will be placed on hold. …

How long is a term at Fanshawe College?

2 years
The program is 2 years in length, consisting of four 15-week terms.

How to apply for residence at Fanshawe College?

You must be accepted to a full-time program at Fanshawe College to be eligible to live in the Fanshawe College Residence. Please note that you must allow two business days between confirming your offer and accessing the Residence application. Step 2: Contact the Residence Services team to apply for residence in January 2020.

How many rooms does Fanshawe College in London have?

Our student housing options include 1,200 traditional apartment-style residence rooms and almost 400 townhouse rooms at our London campus, as well as a variety of off-campus housing options. Apply Now! Apply Now!

Do you use username and password on fanshawec residence portal?

DO NOT USE THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Please click on the FANSHAWEC – STUDENT SSO LOGIN button below to login to the Residence Portal and complete your application. Password – DO NOT USE:

Is the Flex Plan mandatory at Fanshawe College?

Fanshawe offers both a Meal Plan which is mandatory for student in residence and the Flex Plan for all other students. Meal Plan fees are included in residence fees and Flex plans can be purchased at the Campus Store.

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