Can you burn coal in a Morso squirrel?

Can you burn coal in a Morso squirrel?

The Squirrel can burn either wood or coal. Its fire is simply regulated by the opening and closing of two air vents. The Morso Squirrel is a small, cast-iron stove, often found on canal boats, though it is also used for heating small rooms, cabins and trailer homes.

Is Morso Squirrel Defra approved?

The Morso Squirrel 1412 stove is a Defra approved stove and can therefore be used / installed in smokeless zone areas. A classic style with all the following features: radiant heat, airwash system, primary air supply, secondary air supply, tertiary air supply, riddling grate system, ash pan and top or rear flue outlet.

How do you fit a Morso Squirrel grate?

Replace the grate by placing the grate in at an angle with the long arm going in first. Place the long arm of the grate on to the riddling arm loop and then drop the grate into place flat. Riddle the grate using the external arm to ensure the grate can move freely.

How do you light a Morso Squirrel?


  1. ARRANGE THE KINDLING. Place approximately 1kg of dry kindling wood on top of the logs.
  2. LIGHT THE KINDLING. Light the paper.
  3. FULLY OPEN THE SECONDARY AIR SUPPLY. The flames work their way slowly downwards from the top.
  5. EMBERS.

Does a stove need to be DEFRA approved?

Do I need a DEFRA approved stove? The answer to this question is simple – if you live in a large city or an urban environment, the chances are that you will require a DEFRA approved wood burning or multi-fuel stove if you want to avoid a hefty £1,000 fine.

How do you use a Morso Squirrel?

What is a riddling arm?

A riddling grate is a grate featuring a mechanism that allows the bars of the grate to be moved. The benefit of this is that the bars to be tilted to allow ashes to be tipped directly into the ashpan without you having to worry about facilitating that particular journey.

How good are Morso stoves?

Our front runner got a fantastic 94%, with second place achieving 90%. It’s not just the overall score we have – read on to discover how Morso customers rated its stoves for durability, quality and finish, ease of using and controlling, ease of cleaning and value for money.

What kind of wood stove has squirrel relief?

A traditional wood stove decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel relief on both sides. Despite its compact design, the stove has a powerful 5kw rated output making it ideal for a country cottage or city living. Morsø’s air wash system will maintain a clear glass, maximising your enjoyment of the stove.

How does the Morsø 1410 wood stove work?

Morsø’s air wash system will maintain a clear glass, maximising your enjoyment of the stove. Morsø 1410 wood stove comes equipped with riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan, making it easy to remove ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system with airwash ensures that the glass always remains clean when the stove is correctly fired.

Is the Morsø wood burner good for the environment?

Most Morsø woodburning stoves are swan-labelled and thus meet one of the world’s most rigorous environmental requirements. In other words, Morsø’s woodburners will only affect our environment to a very small degree which also applies to packaging and production.

What kind of air wash system does Morsø 1410 have?

Morsø’s air wash system will maintain a clear glass, maximising your enjoyment of the stove. The stove has an exceptional viewing window for such a small multi-fuel cast iron stove. Morsø 1410 is a classic radiant wood stove that will quickly and efficiently heat small rooms.

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