What are the 6 Dharma stations?

What are the 6 Dharma stations?


  • 2.1 Station 1: The Hydra.
  • 2.2 Station 2: The Arrow.
  • 2.3 Station 3: The Swan. 2.3.1 The Incident Room.
  • 2.4 Station 4: The Flame.
  • 2.5 Station 5: The Pearl.
  • 2.6 Station 6: The Orchid.
  • 2.7 Station ?: The Staff.
  • 2.8 Station ?: The Looking Glass.

What are the different Dharma stations?

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Stations The Hydra • The Arrow • The Swan • The Flame • The Pearl • The Orchid • The Staff • The Looking Glass • The Tempest • The Lamp Post
Research Meteorology • Psychology • Parapsychology • Zoology • Electromagnetism • Utopian Social Engineering • The Valenzetti Equation

What was the DHARMA Initiative based on?

The purpose of the DHARMA Initiative on the Island was to use scientific research to manipulate the environment in order to change any one of the core factors of the Valenzetti Equation which, in turn, would change the Equation’s result and thus change mankind’s destiny.

What Dharma station was the hatch?

Dharma Initiative station No. 3
Soon enough, Desmond would vanish, and Locke would take his place. The hatch, better known as Dharma Initiative station No. 3, aka The Swan, pretty much defined life for the Losties this season. Locke obsessively ensured the button was pushed every 108 minutes.

Are the others part of the DHARMA Initiative?

The Others, referred to by the DHARMA Initiative as the Hostiles or the Natives, and also by the tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 as Them, are a group of people living on the Island who were followers of Jacob, intermediated by Richard Alpert.

Are Lost hatches real?

(Doesn’t seem like accidentally killing Inman — played by the massive and inimitable Clancy Brown — would be an easy thing to do, but our Des pulls it off.) In the process, he learns that the button, the Hatch, the cataclysm of noncompliance — it’s all real.

Why do they have to enter the code in Lost?

The humans must press a button to prevent aliens from taking over the Earth but would allow the earth to be destroyed if they were dead.

Where are the DHARMA Initiative stations on the island?

The Lamp Post is the only Dharma Initiative station located off the island, and can be found in Los Angeles disguised as a church. The purpose of the Lamp Post is to calculate the island’s position at any given period, since its exact location is in a constant state of flux.

Is the DHARMA Initiative the same as lost?

Lost is known for having confusing storylines and plot holes, and the Dharma Initiative is no exception. Lost might well be one of, if not the, most divisive shows in the history of television. It started off as nothing more than a group of people surviving on an island.

What was the name of the Dharma station in lost?

After blowing open the hatch and finding Desmond still plugging away, the Lost survivors use the Swan as their main shelter, since the station’s long-term worker shifts meant the station was designed to be comfortable, well-stocked and homely.

Why did Juliet go to the DHARMA Initiative station?

At the end of Season 3, the Others had lost control of the station and it was partially flooded. Further Information: Charlotte informed Juliet that she and Daniel went there to disable the station for fear that Ben might try to “use” it again.

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