What happened to stanislovas in the jungle?

What happened to stanislovas in the jungle?

She adds that, moreover, Stanislovas died: he fell asleep in the storeroom of an oil factory and a swarm of rats attacked him and killed him. The knowledge of Marija’s shame and Stanislovas’s horrible death haunts Jurgis throughout the night, which he spends in jail.

Who is stanislovas in the jungle?

Stanislovas is a teenaged son of Teta Elzbieta. He lies about his age to take a job in a slaughterhouse, but tries to avoid work when a dangerous snowstorm hits. Jurgis beats him as punishment. Later, Stanislovas falls asleep in a factory and gets eaten alive by rats.

Why did stanislovas lose his job?

Stanislovas lost his job after a snowstorm prevented him from going to work for three days. They cannot obtain other jobs because they are too sick and weak and because Connor is scheming to prevent them from finding work. Stanislovas asks if Jurgis can help them.

What happen to the little boy that worked at the lard machine with Stanislovas?

One bitter morning in February the little boy who worked at the lard machine with Stanislovas came about an hour late, and screaming with pain. They unwrapped him, and a man began vigorously rubbing his ears; and as they were frozen stiff, it took only two or three rubs to break them short off.

What animal kills stanislovas?

One day Stanislovas fell asleep after drinking too much and was killed and half eaten by the rats.

Who is Mike Scully in the jungle?

Mike Scully is the richest man in Packingtown. He has iron-fisted control over the elections in the poorer parts of Chicago. He is a Democrat, and he arranges Democratic victories by buying votes, encouraging people to vote multiple times for money, and generally rigging the whole election process.

Who all died in the jungle?

Known deaths

  • Shere Khan – trampled by buffaloes.
  • Tabaqui – executed by Grey Brother after interrogating him.
  • Father wolf & Raksha – cause of deaths unknown.
  • Dholes – some were killed by a bee swarm, the rest were killed by Mowgli and the wolf pack.
  • Won-Tolla – succumbs to his wounds after killing the lead dhole.

What is causing death in Packingtown?

And Dede Antanas develops both a dreadful cough and sores, which eventually lead to his death. Jurgis is too poor to pay for a proper burial. The winter takes its toll on everyone in Packingtown.

How much money does Jurgis receive for voting like the factory shows him?

Summary: Chapter 9 Jurgis becomes a U.S. citizen at the urging of a man at his plant. He does everything that the man says and follows him to the voting booths and marks the ballot how the man tells him to. For his trouble, Jurgis receives two dollars.

What happens to stanislovas after Jurgis beats him and forces him to go to work?

Jurgis is unable to work for two more months. During this time a major snowstorm strikes, preventing Ona and Stanislovas from getting to work. Attempting to do so, Stanislovas freezes his hands, permanently ruining the joints in several fingers.

Who is the main character of the jungle?

Marija Berczynskas
Jurgis RudkusElzbietaOna RudkusPhil Connor
The Jungle/Characters

What is the most awful part of what you read in the jungle?

As a Socialist novel it’s unconvincing: The ending, in which Jurgis Rudkus converts to socialism, is the worst part of the book.

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