What declension is atrium in Latin?

What declension is atrium in Latin?

NOM. atrium atria
GEN. atrii atriorum
DAT. atrio atriis
ACC. atrium atria

Is atrium Greek or Latin?

atrium (n.) 1570s, from Latin atrium “central court or first main room of an ancient Roman house, room which contains the hearth,” from Proto-Italic *atro-, sometimes said (on authority of Varro, “De Lingua Latina”) to be Etruscan.

How do you decline a Latin phrase?

When you decline a Latin noun, you find the stem of the word and then list all the case forms for it. This is the one thing that is hard to show in English because other than adding apostrophe and s in the possessive, our words remain the same.

What is a atrium Latin?

3 [New Latin, from Latin] : an anatomical cavity or passage especially : the chamber or either of the chambers of the heart that receives blood from the veins and forces it into the ventricle or ventricles — see heart illustration.

What is another word for atrium?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for atrium, like: entrance, chamber, glass-roofed, triple-height, cavity, room, close, court, passage, courtyard and enclosure.

What case is Puellae in Latin?

singular nominative case
Puella (girl) ends in -a, which is the singular nominative case….First-declension nouns.

Case Singular Plural
Genitive puellae (pu-ehl-ligh) puellarum (pu-ehl-lah-rum)
Dative puellae (pu-ehl-ligh) puellis (pu-ehl-lees)

Where does the word atrium come from in Latin?

ātrium n ( genitive ātriī ); second declension ;; Second declension. 1 Found in older Latin (until the Augustan Age). Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (10) Condita sunt Castra Rockmont anno 1956 a Georgio Pickering in campo Collegii Montis Atri, quod nuper cessatum erat.

Where are the atrium and the lararium located?

The atrium and the lararium are in the villa. Apparet domus intus, et atria longa patescunt ; / apparent Priami et veterum penetralia regum, / armatosque vident stantes in limine primo.

Is the atrium of the heart a cavity or passage?

(anatomy) A cavity, entrance, or passage. an atrium of the infundibula of the lungs. (anatomy) One of two upper chambers of the heart. (biology) Any enclosed sexine and nexine layers, widening toward the interior of the grain.

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