Where to stay in Berggasthaus Aescher in Germany?

Where to stay in Berggasthaus Aescher in Germany?

Stay overnight in our hermit lodge and experience the simplicity like back in the days. The lodge is situated on the way from the Aescher restaurant and the famous Wildkirchli church and offers, besides a comfy double bed, a lot of room to contemplate about what you really need in life.

How to get to the Aescher from Wasserauen?

Take the Ebenalpbahn from Wasserauen to the mountain station and then it’s a 15 minute walk to the Aescher through the Wildkirch caves. Alternatively it’s a 2h 30min hike from Wasserauen via Seealpsee to the Aescher.

When does the Aescher restaurant in Weissbad open?

According to news reports, there are new operators taking over the restaurant after the previous ones retired. So, it is unknown when they will open this year. The restaurant is always closed during the winter, and normally opens sometime in the spring. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Can you walk around the lake in Aescher?

You can walk around the lake. Then followed the signs for Aescher! Another steep trail, but worth it for the view. An achievement! As usual with such places in t=imes of internet and fast moving information – it is mostly overcrowded. We had a perfect weather and a weekday which is an advantage but the crowd was still impressive.

What kind of food does the Aescher serve?

With the Aescher Specials we have created food and drinks which turn this magical historical place into culinary delights. Have you ever tried our Torch Coffee, the Aescher Becki or the Aescher Twenty?

When to cancel a Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli tour?

We recommend booking Berggasthaus Aescher – Wildkirchli tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 1 Berggasthaus Aescher – Wildkirchli tours on Tripadvisor

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