Is there such a word as lubricity?

Is there such a word as lubricity?

noun, plural lu·bric·i·ties. oily smoothness, as of a surface; slipperiness. ability to lubricate; capacity for lubrication: the wonderful lubricity of this new oil. instability; shiftiness; fleeting nature: the lubricity of fame and fortune.

What is meant by lubricity?

Lubricity is the measure of the reduction in friction and or wear by a lubricant. The study of lubrication and wear mechanisms is called tribology.

Is lubricity a Scrabble word?

(n.) Lasciviousness; propensity to lewdness; lewdness; lechery; incontinency. (n.) Slipperiness; instability; as, the lubricity of fortune.

What is lubricity additive?

Innospec’s Trident 900 Lubricity Additive Trident 900 is a cost-effective lubricity additive that protects fuel system by forming a durable, protective film on the surface of fuel components, which reduces friction and mitigates the negative impact from metal-on-metal contact.

What does RULY mean?

: obedient, orderly a ruly crowd.

What is the unit of lubricity?

FUEL QUALITY According to EN 590, the lubricity is defined by the wear scar diameter in the high frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) tests and should not exceed 460 μm. Fuel lubricity in certain parts of the world are worse and some areas are working with fuels giving a wear scar diameter in the test of 520 μm.

What is lubricity in diesel?

Overview. The term lubricity is often defined as the ability of a lubricant—in this case diesel fuel—to minimize friction between and damage to surfaces in relative motion under load. Generally the tests used to evaluate diesel fuel lubricity try to create conditions of boundary lubrication.

Which is the best definition of the word lubricity?

Definition of lubricity : the property or state of being lubricious also : the capacity for reducing friction Examples of lubricity in a Sentence

Are there any synonyms for the word lubricious?

Synonyms & Antonyms for lubricious. Synonyms. concupiscent, goatish, horny, hot, hypersexual, itchy, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, licentious, lustful, oversexed, passionate, randy, salacious, satyric, wanton.

Is there such a thing as good lubrication?

— Mike Dickerson, Field & Stream, 18 Feb. 2021 And although some additives make important contributions to lubrication, by themselves don’t necessarily have great lubricity. — Timothy Dahl, Popular Mechanics, 18 Jan. 2018

Which is the best example of lubricity in a bolt?

Recent Examples on the Web The bolt nose is cone-shaped for smooth feeding, and the bolt handle, head, and shroud, along with the gas shield, have been given a nitride treatment to increase durability and lubricity.

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