How do I make a precursor gw2?

How do I make a precursor gw2?


  1. Heart of thorns precursors require Scholar Of Secrets in the Legendary Crafting mastery track. Obtain Revered Antiquarian, the first rank in the Legendary Crafting mastery track.
  2. Craft the first tier item.
  3. Craft the second tier item.
  4. Craft the finished precursor.

What can you do with exotic weapons gw2?

Most exotic equipment can be salvaged by using a Master’s Salvage Kit or lower. Salvaging an exotic item can yield crafting materials, Essences of Luck, Globs of Ectoplasm, Globs of Dark Matter.

How do you get Legendaries in gw2?

To craft a legendary weapon you need four components: a proper exotic precursor weapon, Gift of Fortune, Gift of Mastery and for the chosen weapon Gift of (name of the legendary weapon). Then you have to join all elements in the Mystic Forge. In theory it looks easy, but it’ll take many hours to fulfill.

What do you get from Mystic Forge in Guild Wars 2?

The input can be weapons, armor, trinkets, or any combination thereof (except for exotic gear where all 4 items must be of the same type). The output will be as specific as the input is. For example, if only weapons are used, the result is always a weapon. Similarly, starting with four medium helmets guarantees ending up with a medium helmet.

How to get a precursor weapon in Guild Wars 2?

As for now, you have two methods to get a precursor: you can loot it or obtain in the Mystic Forge. In the second case you have to join four rare/exotic weapons of the same type (e.g. 4x staff if you want to get The Legend) with with required level 76-80 and have a luck.

Which is better mystic forge or mystic forge precursors?

All the OP said, is that given the current propabilities for getting a precursor, going through the mystic forge to aquire it is on average the superior method.

Is it profitable to forge precursors in Guildwars?

After 485 forges, or 360.8 Gold with method 1 and 302.6 Gold with method 2, you have a 50% chance of getting a Precursor by then. And after 1600 forges, there is a 90% of you getting it by then, or 10% of you not getting anything after 1600 forges. Forging Greatswords seems to be pretty profitable right now. What he said is true.

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