What happened at Coode Island?

What happened at Coode Island?

Industrial – Coode Island On 21 August 1991 at approximately 2.17 pm, an explosion occurred on Coode Island in Melbourne when a 600,000 litre chemical storage tank filled with acrylonitrile exploded and caught fire. This fire spread to four other storage tanks and burned until control was gained at around 4 pm.

What is Coode Island used for?

Today the low-lying land is part of the Port of Melbourne, and is used as the site of Swanson and Appleton Docks and their associated container storage and rail yards, as well as a number of chemical storage facilities.

What is Coode Island Silt?

Coode Island Silt is a Quaternary age alluvial deposit of the Yarra River delta in Melbourne. It is a highly compressible and only slightly overconsolidated deposit, which exhibits significant primary consolidation and creep settlements.

Where is the campbellfield fire?

The 2019 Campbellfield factory fire was a major industrial fire that began in Campbellfield, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 5 April 2019. The size of the fire site was about 5,000 square metres (53,819.55 sq ft), and it emitted toxic smoke across the city’s northern suburbs.

Where is the Port of Melbourne?

Victoria, Australia
“The Port of Melbourne is located on the mouth of the Yarra River, Victoria, Australia.”

How do you get to Herring Island?

Herring Island is always open to the public, but it is an island – so unless you wish to swim there, (not recommended), you will need to have your own canoe / boat; or during summer months, “Parks Victoria” provide a ferry from Como Landing (in Alexandra Ave., South Yarra – Melway ref 2M C3 or 58 G2) to the island on …

Who was coode?

Sir John Coode (1816-1892), civil engineer, was born on 11 November 1816 at Bodmin, Cornwall, England, son of Charles Coode, solicitor, and his wife Anne, née Bennett. He was in charge of the Portland Harbour works in 1856-72 and made many reports on English harbours and rivers.

What is Fishermens Bend silt?

Fishermens Bend Silt (Qf) – firm to stiff, weathered, silty clays of marine origin. ▪ Coode Island Silt (Qc) – soft to firm highly compressible clay or silty clay with occasional sand lenses. Organic rich and known to contain gas pockets within the unit.

What factory is on fire in Campbellfield?

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) said 55 firefighters were at the scene of the slab tilt construction factory in Campbellfield after triple-0 callers reported “white fog pouring out of the factory” about 10.40am. Emergency Management Victoria urged residents living within 1km of the site to keep their windows and doors shut.

Is Port Melbourne a good place to live?

Full of rich socialites and celebrities, Port Melbourne offers up some of the very best restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, cafe’s and hotspots in the entire state of Victoria. Overall Port Melbourne is a very desirable place to live.

How busy is Port Melbourne?

The Port of Melbourne is Victoria’s busiest port and the largest container and general cargo port in Australia. Container traffic at the port is projected to grow by 2.6% per year, from 2.9 million Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) in 2018 to around 9 million TEUs in 2050.

How did Coode Island in Melbourne get its name?

The island was named after Sir John Coode, an English harbour engineer who was engaged by the Melbourne Harbor Trust to select the optimum route for the canal as part of the Port of Melbourne.

Where is Coode Island on the Yarra River?

Coode Island is a former island at the convergence of the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, 4 km west of central Melbourne, Australia. The island was formed by the excavation of the Coode Canal in 1887, and became connected to the mainland in the 1930s.

When did the Coode Island explosion take place?

In 1968 the Swanson Dock container terminal was constructed on the south side of the former island, which reduced the size of Coode Island. On 21 August 1991, at the Anchor Tank facility, St. Elmo’s fire ignited one of the storage tanks, resulting in the Coode Island explosion.

Where was the foam used in the Coode Island Fire?

At Coode Island in Melbourne in 1991 about 200 tonnes of firefighting foam concentrate were used [78] on a dock-side hydrocarbon chemical storage facility fire and most of the firewater was released to the adjacent waterway. The foam used was probably 3M Light Water AFFF.

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