Can one person use Family and Friends Railcard?

Can one person use Family and Friends Railcard?

Can I use my Railcard to buy tickets for other people? A: Yes. As long as either you (as the main Railcard holder) or the second named Railcard holder is travelling with a child, up to a total of four adults and four children travelling together can get discounts.

Can you use a Family and Friends Railcard at peak times?

When can I use a Family & Friends Railcard? A Family & Friends Railcard can be used for travel at any time of the day, apart from journeys between two stations within the London and South East area during morning Peak hours.

Can someone else use your railcard?

The Railcard and tickets bought with it are not transferable to anyone else and you must not give, lend, or resell them. Only the named cardholder(s) can use the Railcard. You may be asked to show your Railcard when purchasing discounted tickets.

How much discount do you get with a family railcard?

The Family & Friends Railcard gives you 1/3 off train fares for up to 4 adults and 60% off for up to 4 kids between 5 and 15.

Can I use someone elses Railcard?

Do Railcards work at peak time?

When can I use my Railcard? Your 16-25 Railcard gets you 1/3 off Standard Anytime and Off-Peak fares, as well as Standard Advance and First Class Advance fares. And because there’s no limit to the number of times you can use your Railcard, the potential for adventure is huge.

Can 2 adults use a family railcard?

Two adults can be named as cardholders on your Family & Friends Railcard. The two adults don’t need to travel together but you do need to be travelling with at least one child between the ages of 5 and 15 to be eligible for the discount.

Are there any discounts for family and Friends Railcard?

Look out for Family & Friends Railcard discount code offers and deals. With a three-year Railcard, you get a greater online exclusive discount of £20 OFF (22%). Instead of paying £90 (the cost of three Railcards at full price each year), you get it for just £70.

How much is quidco for family and friends rail card?

Quidco 5% cashback for all purchases of a 16 – 25 or Family and Friends Railcard. 8.08% TCB Family & Friends Railcard you’ll enjoy 1/3 off rail fares for up… Read more I want to buy a family and friends rail card the promotional code is expired today why I canuse the code?

How to use code summerfun20 on family and Friends Railcard?

1 year Family & Friends Railcard is reduced to £24 (usually £30) – need to use code SUMMERFUN20 at checkout This allows you to save a third on your travel and 60% off your … Read more Just used this offer and its still live!! Hmmm..wonder if I can bring one of my 40 ish siblings along…and explain “acts like a complete child all the time!!”

Where to enter mseaster on family and Friends Railcard?

Enter the code MSEASTER online at Family & Friends Railcard or 16-25 Railcard before 11.59pm on Mon 24th April, and you can get the railcard for £25, instead of the usual £30… Read more How? great find. thanks vassy.

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