What do you do for a strained rotator cuff?

What do you do for a strained rotator cuff?

How is a rotator cuff injury treated?

  • applying hot or cold packs to the affected shoulder to reduce swelling.
  • exercises to restore strength and range of motion.
  • injecting the affected area with cortisone, a steroid that helps to reduce inflammation.
  • resting the affected arm and wearing a sling to isolate arm motions.

Can exercise help a torn rotator cuff?

For many people, physical therapy (PT) is the answer. It may be all you need to treat an injured rotator cuff. PT is a way to get back strength and movement after an injury. It includes things like exercise, ice, heat, massage, and equipment to help return your shoulder back to its normal range of motion.

What exercises are bad for rotator cuff?

The military press is a resistance exercise where you stand with either dumbbells or a barbell and press weights above your head. This can be bad for the rotator cuff because you typically raise the weights in front of you and above your shoulders before lifting up.

What are the best exercises for rotator cuff problems?

The dumbbell internal rotation workout is one of the best exercises for rotator cuff injuries. It is a great exercise that the rotator cuff muscles can absolutely benefit from. This exercise will develop your subscapularis – the muscle that allows the shoulder to rotate inward.

How often should I do rotator cuff exercises?

The rotator cuff exercises can be done 2 or 3 times per week or as directed by your physical therapist. Be sure to stop the exercise if you feel worsening pain in your shoulder, shoulder blade, or arm.

What are the best exercises for the rotator cuff muscles?

My Top 4 Rotator Cuff Exercises Shoulder Cable Internal Rotator Exercise. This exercise strengthens the subscapularis muscle and can be done with a cable or exercise tube/band. Shoulder Cable External Rotation Exercise. Purpose: To strengthen the shoulder external rotators – supraspinatus, infrapsinatus and trees minor muscles. Standing Dumbbell External Rotation Exercise.

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