What is a VIIU inspection?

What is a VIIU inspection?

The Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU) carries out inspections of vehicles to confirm their identity. If you’ve been given authorisation by Transport for NSW to repair a written off vehicle for example, the VIIU will carry out the final inspection of the vehicle, prior to your applying for registration.

How much is a roadworthy certificate NSW?

Average Roadworthy Certificate Cost by State

State Minimum Cost
NSW $42 (light vehicle) *pink slip only, fixed government fee
QLD $86.20 (Safety inspection for private vehicle) *fixed government fee
VIC $195.00 labour fee charge based on hourly labour rates
ACT $73.50 (light vehicle) *fixed government fee

How much is a blue slip in NSW?

Safety and identity check (blue slip)

Inspection type Total fee (inc. GST)
Light vehicle $67
Motorcycle $41
Trailer without brakes $34
Trailer with brakes $48

Can you drive a repairable write-off?

New South Wales Since 2011 it has been illegal to sell a repairable write-off vehicle in NSW, and similarly illegal to drive one except in limited circumstances.

What does a repairable write-off mean?

A car is deemed a repairable write-off if it has been damaged such that its salvage value, plus the cost to repair it, exceeds its market value. An older car could be considered a write-off even with relatively minor damage, simply because the cost to repair it is greater than what it’s worth in the used car market.

What do they check for blue slip?

A blue slip is a full inspection of your vehicle, different from a pink slip, as it checks all the components of your car, for leaks, lights, seat belts, brakes, suspension thoroughly.

How long is a RWC valid for?

3 months
How Long Does A Roadworthy Certificate Last? Roadworthy certificates only last a short period of time before becoming invalid. If you are buying from a an authorised car dealer, the roadworthy will last for 3 months or 1000kms, whichever comes first.

What do they check in a roadworthy test?

The roadworthiness test checks the following aspects of the vehicle: identification and documentation. electrical systems. fittings and equipment (including mirrors, safety belts, etc.)

Are repairable cars worth it?

Buying a Repairable Write Off Except for the low price, there are simply no advantages. Most repairable write-offs cars are damaged beyond reasonable simple repair and are not a good investment as a primary vehicle.

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